Why is technology important for coworking spaces?

Here are 5 reasons why

Technology-enabled artificial intelligence has permeated every walk of our life. Nobody could have imagined that simple binary digits of zero and one can help us simplify and accomplish important tasks for us and that too, in no time. Every facility and convenience, even at our workspace, is now at the tip of our fingers owing to the use of technology. And the coworking office space is no different.

With the rise of the coworking culture and the popularity that it has achieved among the small and large organizations alike, it comes as no surprise that technology has become an integral part of the coworking and shared office spaces. This is especially true for coworking space providers such as iKeva who are always making a conscious effort to offer the clients an unforgettable coworking experience, and therefore use technology to enhance the customer experience. In fact, coworking spaces in Hyderabad are well aware of the fact that the benefits of embracing technology are plenty.

Broadly speaking, here are five must-have technologies for plug and play centres. Whereas the tools may vary according to one’s budget and requirements, these are broad areas where technology can permeate to ease operations and enhance customer experience at coworking office spaces:-

  • Tracking technology:- For questions on how your client or even employees wish to utilise the given space and time, the best possible answer comes from him. So, an efficient way to procure these answers is to use tracking software that measures the productive hours and tasks. It not only shows how employees utilize their time while in office, but also connects dots on how it benefits or bothers them. Hence, becoming an efficient feedback system. However, one must remain very careful to draw a line as overwhelming tracking can frustrate the employees and create a feeling of being watched or invading their privacy.
  • Community platform:- No matter how small or big the coworking space is, it needs to make a conscious effort to carve a thriving community. This is so because it is the informal bond between the members that draws them closer. Members choose a coworking space to network with others and for mentorship. A common ground or platform where the entire community can interact contributes to the well-being of the members.
  • Online reservation:- At a plug and play centre, flexible time slots are booked within seconds and there can be a sudden surge in demand for peak times or days. Therefore, a manual process can be slow and commit a lot of errors in allotting time and space. These days, apps are developed wherein the potential clients can see the available space and book directly. A real time application or software to manage reservations and cancellation can be a quick remedy. Besides cutting down the drama of calls and requests, it also saves time and ensures transparency.
  • No contact software:- With the waves of the pandemic, and the overwhelming fear stemming out of it; the only way to dissipate the fear is to eliminate risks of contact and common touch points. A simple form of technology highly successful in this area is a no contact software that works on digitised QR codes and cashless transactions.
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning):- Ventilation is an essential requirement and HVAC is an emerging technology that stands for efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. It improves the overall well being of employees and refines air quality. Congestion, traffic and increased pollution has increased our dependence on technology such as air purifiers or efficient air conditioning to rectify the issue. HVAC system addresses this problem aptly and is a must have in a plug and play centre because it ensures focus and concentration on work.

In conclusion

Thus it can be said that the shared office providers who are embracing technology have an upper hand in attracting and retaining clients. With cut-throat competition in the market, it is essential that coworking offices also remain updated,  quick and efficient.  A proper combination of manpower and technology is the key to consistency in growth. For a shared office space that utilizes technology to connect the community at large and is best suited to your needs, visit iKeva. With business centers located in prime locations of Bengaluru, Hyderabadand Mumbai, iKeva has automated and transparent processes from onboarding and booking to invoice management and coworking office spaces, including meeting rooms and conference rooms.

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