Why Is Kayaking So Popular in Australia?

Kayak is a small narrow boat-like contraption that normally sits 1-2 people sitting down with legs stretched. It is a usual pastime of people who have easy access to any body of water, lake, pond, or beach. Australia, with a beautiful coastline, is an ideal place to enjoy kayaking. So much so that the sport-kayaking has become very popular among many water enthusiasts. As such, the fishing kayak is especially loved as an ideal outdoor activity. It is built for any fishing adventure. It can accommodate your gear such as hook, bait and, of course, your prized catch.

The fishing kayak is easy to enjoy and is relatively inexpensive, with minimal maintenance cost. It allows you to enjoy two things: kayaking and fishing. A typical fishing kayak is very stable to use and easy enough to maneuver with a double-bladed paddle. On the other hand, choosing the correct paddle can be tricky since it considers other variables than just the rower’s height. However, most beginners start with a 230cm long paddle.

Why Kayaking Is Becoming More Popular

Most families find this an easy way to relax; with just the paddle and sun protection, one can explore the water, enjoy the scenery, spend quality time alone or together with a double or triple kayak. It is a great way to bond and explore the many hidden gems of the sea. The physical terrain in Australia is perfect for kayaking. The water is usually calm.

The Physical Benefits

With the paddling upper body, strength is expected to develop along with more muscular or firmer arms. The exertion will tone the shoulders and back. Your lower extremities or legs get toned, too, as you keep your balance and occasionally tighten your leg muscles. The paddling action affects the abdomen as well, so expect a flatter tummy after several excursions. The biggest physical benefit might be the increase in endurance. You will build your stamina as you continue to enjoy the activity. It is indeed a good cardiac exercise.

Other Health Benefits

Due to the change in scenery and the commune with nature, relaxation follows. As you decompress and get acquainted with nature, you become happier and naturally secrete endorphins or feel-good chemicals, boosting your focus and creativity.

Other Types of Equipment Needed

Aside from the kayak and the paddle, you need a helmet to protect your head, a life jacket since every water sport should keep you afloat should something happen, wear sun-protective gear to prevent sunburn and a waterproof bag for your valuables, first aid kit and two-way radio or cell phone.

Kayak Destinations to Explore

 The Tasman Peninsula in Tasmania — visit the secluded cove, sea kelp forest and sea caves

Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary, SA – very accessible with an established mangrove forest and dense Ships’ Graveyard.

Ngaro Sea Trail, QLD — This can be challenging for beginners as the trail combines land and water trails.

Ningaloo Reef, WA — With the pristine water, it is easy to see beautiful coral and staghorn gardens.

Sydney Harbour, NSW — The appeal is hard to resist. The sunrise and the sunset views are undeniable.

It is important to remember safety precautions, proper planning and a healthy assessment of your skill and endurance level when choosing your next kayak adventure.

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