Which Factors Are Important While Testing Cannabis?

Cannabis for recreational use has been legal in Canada for several years now. Even if you don’t keep up with marijuana-related news, it’s likely that you already knew this based on the large number of cannabis dispensaries that have opened in recent months.

Cannabis used to be difficult to get by, but nowadays, it seems like there’s a dispensary on every street corner. Additionally, it is available for purchase online at United Strains of America.

Even though public opinion on recreational cannabis use is at its highest point in history, there are still grounds to be concerned about how long cannabis can remain in your system.

Drug Testing

The most significant is that employers are required to conduct drug tests. In most cases, employers cannot compel their employees to submit to random drug testing. However, this does not imply that they are no longer relevant. If you’re concerned about becoming trusted, which may result in a positive reading for cannabis, the information in this post should help you obtain a better understanding of your chances.

The practice of corporations drug testing their employees, particularly for marijuana usage while off the clock, may appear quaint. That is, for the most part, true. There are, however, a variety of reasons why you might be subjected to one of these. In most cases, it would be due to one of the following factors:

  • Once an employee returns to work after a prolonged leave due to an addiction problem;
  • If the employer has reasonable grounds to suspect that the employee poses a threat to themself or their coworkers, the employee may be fired.
  • The employer has grounds to think that the employee is under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on the job;
  • In the aftermath of a serious catastrophe or accident;
  • When used in conjunction with an agreement for a last-chance relapse in the context of drug and alcohol addiction;
  • If it is specifically provided for by law (e.g., airline pilots).

Important Elements

This is a difficult topic to answer, and there is a lot of conflicting literature on the subject. Many elements are also at play, many of which are interconnected. However, we have a fair sense of how long it will persist, even though every person and every environment is different. In some cases, cannabis can be undetectable in as little as three days after usage.

In others, it can be identified up to 90 days after use, depending on your smoking patterns, diet and exercise habits, and the type of drug test. If that appears to be a significant range, it is. Typically, cannabis will remain in your system for roughly 21 days, which is only true for heavy users who consume large amounts of the drug.

Methods Of Testing

There are various methods for testing for cannabis traces in your body, and each one has a different time range during which they can detect the presence of the drug. Urine tests are the most widely used drug tests due to their simplicity and accuracy in detecting THC levels. In a urine test, the amount of marijuana that leaves your system depends on how often you smoke.

If you smoke once or twice a week, you may obtain a positive response one to three days after your last puff. But if you often smoke (moderate user), you can test positive seven to 21 days later. THC can be detected in the urine of long-term daily smokers for a month or more after the last smoking.

Positive Urine Test

You may produce a positive urine test for one to five days after eating that delightful but potent gummy bear. There appears to be significantly less variability with saliva tests than with urine tests, which is encouraging. According to most sources, a person can test positive for cannabis up to 34-48 hours after the last time they smoked marijuana.

Although it’s unlikely that you’ll be exposed to a hair test, it’s wise to be prepared just in case. A hair test for marijuana can detect residues of the plant up to 90 days after you last breathed it, which is an extremely long period to be tested for marijuana.

Hair Tests Detection

If you’re a light user, you probably don’t have anything to be concerned about because hair tests may not detect even the smallest quantity of THC in your system. However, if you are a heavy smoker who smokes regularly, the chances of your test being positive are quite significant. There was no irony intended.

A blood test is the final form of drug test available. Again, it is rare that you will be subjected to a drug test for marijuana, but such tests are performed from time to time. Cannabis can be detected in a blood test for 36 hours after consumption.

THC Tests

There are several different components that marijuana decomposes into after it has been smoked, but the one that most drug tests look for is THC, so we’ll concentrate on that for the time being.

When your liver breaks down THC, it naturally forms something called THC-COOH, which is then stored in your body fat due to the breakdown. The fact that THC is stored in fat means that the only route for it to be expelled from your body is through pee and other less palatable bodily fluids, which is bizarre to think about.

It lasts for such a long period because most people do not lose weight quickly. If you are not burning fat cells at the same pace or faster than you are loading them with THC, it is expected to remain in your system for an extended period. Smokers who smoke regularly will see a significant increase in this effect.

Ending Note

The length of time cannabis can linger in your system varies greatly. The most important factors are frequency, dosage, and body fat storage. If passing a drug test is more important to you than whether or not you still have cannabis in your system, then the type of test is important.

You may never need to worry about passing a drug test as our culture slowly evolves to embrace marijuana use. Remember when you Buy Cannabis Seeds at your local dispensary may stay with you longer than you anticipate.

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