When to Contact a Disability Lawyer

Most countries value the welfare of disabled persons who are also their citizens. There are different laws set aside to protect them from any form of mistreatment or segregation. The social security disability laws in the US are meant to protect different people in listed special groups. Disabled persons who face any form of mistreatment or are denied their benefits have the right to sue the persons responsible. 

You can hire a disability lawyer to help you in your case. Pekas Smith: Arizona Disability Attorneys can help you with your case if you are from that particular state. A disability lawyer defends the rights of a weak social group – the disabled. His duties include the full protection of a disabled person whose rights have been violated by the state, medical institutions, or the society surrounding him. 

A disabled person has the right to consult a lawyer when his rights are violated. Good advice and support from a lawyer is very important for a disabled person. In what cases it is necessary to contact a lawyer or a disability lawyer? See below:

Violation of the rights of a disabled person in employment

The state should take care not only of strong citizens but also of persons with disabilities who have certain rights in employment that employers are obliged to fulfill. By law, all enterprises must provide jobs for the disabled. If a disabled person is denied employment for no particular reason, he can contact a disability lawyer and punish the employer who did not fulfill his direct job obligations. Most often, in this situation, the court is on the side of the disabled person. 

If you are denied disability benefits

Disability benefits are assigned in accordance with the law and must be paid monthly. But not all disabled people are eligible for a pension. A pension is drawn up for those who have lost partial or full working capacity. If, upon presentation of all documents indicating disability, social workers still refuse to apply for a pension, then the disabled person should contact a lawyer who deals with these issues. A lawyer will give a full consultation on what is needed to apply for a pension and punish social workers for not fulfilling the rights of people with disabilities under the law.

If you are denied treatment

A disabled person who has lost full working capacity must be constantly examined in a hospital free of charge and also has the right to a social worker. Most often, a social worker is obliged to visit a disabled person twice a week. If he does not do this, then he can be punished administratively and deprived of the right to engage in his professional activities. 

A full penalty is possible when a lawyer with extensive experience in dealing with disability issues is working. As for medicine, almost everything for a disabled person should be free of charge, and if a doctor extorts money from a disabled person, then this can threaten him not only with administrative punishment but also with imprisonment for up to several years.

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