What is the morphology of the swimsuit?

Summer is coming, and with it, the unique selection of swimwear! To ensure that you are beautiful and comfortable on the beach, regardless of your lifestyle, you must choose your swimsuit according to your shape. And you, what is your morphology?

What is the silhouette swimsuit?

Are your shoulders, hips, and waist on the same line, and do you have a small chest? Undoubtedly, you have morphology. Since your majesty is not so well documented, the main goal will be to emphasize your femininity. The best swimsuit for you is a bikini.

Choose a triangle top to erase your rectangular silhouette or a bandeau top to show off your small chest and shoulders below a low-waisted panty that emphasizes your waistline and flatters your shape.

Do you like one-piece swimwear? Choose feminine colors and especially take the indents to show your waist.

Avoid: Straight lines emphasize the rectangular side of your morphology. Sports clothes and shorts are not feminine enough.

Round: swimsuits made for you

Do you have generous curves? The goal is to show your strengths and erase the flaws that don’t appeal to you. Elegant and elegant at the same time, this black one-piece swimsuit with a V-neckline accentuates your breasts. Bet on dark colors, and don’t hesitate to decorate your bikini swimsuits with a fashionable sarong, perfect for covering your curves.

If you want two pieces, choose high-waisted panties, which are very interesting this year. Good chest support is essential. For this, a bikini with a tie on the neck is the best.

Avoid stripes or polka dots that seem to grow. Swimsuits are too low and do not hide curves.

Triangle silhouette: which swimsuit do you like?

Thin shoulders, a small chest, wide hips, and rounded buttocks: the goal is to show your shoulders and hide your waist. To do this, focus on your upper body with a high belt that removes your shoulders. Pair it with short or high-cut bottoms to elongate and slim your legs.

Avoid One-piece swimsuits because it emphasizes the difference in the height of the top and bottom. The horizontal lines of the floor will tend to put weight on your hips.

Hourglass morphology: how do you choose your swimsuit?

You have muscular shoulders, a slim waist, and defined hips: you can wear anything! Thanks to your feminine and balanced look, all swimwear styles suit you. It’s up to you to decide if you want a one-piece swimsuit or a one-piece. High-cut panties, open back, thin straps: do not hesitate to bet on a sexy swimsuit.

Prevention: If you have a generous chest, avoid headbands.

Inverted triangle silhouette: which swimsuit do you like?

Your shoulders are more comprehensive than your hips: avoid triangle or bandeau bikini tops that tend to outline this body part.

If you have a small chest, choose a push-up top that will lift it while elongating the width of your shoulders. At the bottom, bet there is a short to elongate your waist.

Avoid high-cut bikini bottoms that tend to skim the lower body. One-piece swimsuits emphasize the difference between top and bottom.

An original swimsuit for women

Every summer at the beach, silhouettes follow and are the same. Among women, the bikini is still on the rise.

Bandeau, triangle, or basket, the two-piece swimsuit knows its differences, but it is always more or less the same models that float around the edge of the water.

How to choose the original swimsuit model that will make a difference? Guide-Piscine explains how to stand out on the beach without laughing.

The original shape of your swim

In recent years, trichinosis has made a comeback. This original body of the swimsuit is attached to the stomach in different ways: fabric and metal chain. Designers give freedom to their ideas.

You will find original swimsuits at Kameymall. However, this model is only reserved for petite girls with flat stomachs.

Ladies, let yourself be tempted by swimming in the style of the 50s! It’s the big comeback of the vintage style, but you’re still very few to adopt it. High-waisted panties and push-up bikinis a la Marilyn Monroe are yours! You will undoubtedly find what you want with brands such as Kameymall.

The human body does not leave much choice in terms of shape; the easiest way is to stand out through swimming prints or color combinations.

The most daring ones make their bikinis and don’t hesitate to combine swimsuits in the mix and match fashion. Keep an eye out for new arrivals from high-end brands like Kameymall, which give us the first prints every season in various styles.

Charms, dresses, knots, fringes, frills these words change everything

All stylists will tell you: to stand out with class and style, the little details make the difference. A bra decorated with Calais lace, a frilled bodice, a jewel sewn on the strap, and a satin bow on the back of the pants. Many subtle things distinguish your bathing suit from your towel neighbor!

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