What Is Asbestosis? Signs, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Asbestosis is the name given to a lung disease that results from breathing in asbestos. Sadly, about 1000 people die from this disease every year in the U.S. This material is long-lasting and famed for its insulating properties.

These are the reasons why so many buildings contain the substance. That means at some point, you may come into contact with it and have to deal with it in some way. This article is essential reading because we’re going to give you the rundown on Asbestosis, the signs, symptoms, causes, and treatments.

What is Asbestosis?

You already know that this is a lung disease that results from breathing in the material of asbestos. So how easy is it to breathe this material into your lungs? Here is the red alert!

Asbestos fibers are so small they cannot be seen by the human eye, which makes breathing them into your lungs super easy. Once they are in your lungs they can cause irritation, swelling, and secondary disease like mesothelioma cancer, and other pulmonary abnormalities.

Signs and Symptoms

The basic physiological change that takes place inside your lungs is that the tiny air sacs become hardened from scarring. Their subsequent ability to expand and fill with air becomes reduced. A key symptom that follows is shortness of breath.

Your lungs are the organs that supply oxygen to the blood which in turn supports numerous metabolic processes in your body. Less oxygen will cause fatigue and poor metabolism along with weight loss. When you understand how dangerous asbestos is, and how easy it is to come into contact with it, you’ll agree asbestos awareness training can save lives.

As the disease progresses, the lungs become weaker and weaker and less functional. It can be quite painful to breathe as the lungs start to tighten more and more.

Treatment Options

The tragedy with Asbestosis is that it’s incurable but that doesn’t mean it can’t be treated. The key to treatment is to provide interventions that help strengthen and protect the unaffected lung tissue. This includes learning breathing techniques, optimizing your diet and lifestyle as well using supplementary oxygen as needed.

Besides these strategies, patients also used mediation to fight disease and also reduce the viscosity of lung secretions so that they are easier to clear from the chest. The ultimate treatment is a lung transplant.

That said, this is the last resort and is extremely complicated and fraught with its own complications and risks. For these reasons, there is a long process of screening and testing as to whether this is a viable treatment option or not.

Stop and Take a Deep Breath

In this article, you’ve read about Asbestosis, the signs, symptoms, causes, and some of the treatments. This article is only a brief overview but hopefully, it has given you a lot to think about. Asbestos is widely used and very dangerous if breathed in.

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Being educated by articles like this is essential. Be diligent, take it seriously, and protect your health and that of your family. Check out other articles that will benefit your health and improve your lifestyle on our site.

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