What Can Trigger a Security Alarm at Ajax Systems

You may be wondering what can trigger a security alarm at Ajax systems. There are several possibilities, from Smoke detectors to Temperature sensors and Burglary attempts. To understand how these systems work, let’s look at each. In addition to security alarms, a security app can also detect any possible intrusion. This article will explain how you can trigger a security alarm at Ajax systems.


Ajax security alarms allow users to set specific actions based on triggers. One of these actions is System Restoration After Alarms, which prevents the system from arming after an alarm has been triggered. The PRO or authorized user must first engage the restore function to restore the system. The PRO app defines which alarm types require restoration. The app also shows a red icon in the upper right corner, which users click to access the restoration menu. For instance, if the trigger is a burglary alarm, the restoration menu opens, with a user selecting the type of alarm.

The Ajax system is based on the OS Malevich, a proprietary real-time operating system. It is mainly immune to cyber-attacks and viruses. It also runs efficiently even if the security system is disconnected from the internet. Its robustness makes it safe to use, even during blackouts. It is secure, operates on multiple channels, and includes session control to protect user information. Ajax was tested by five independent labs and received a Grade 2 certification. The app is available for Android and iOS devices and has grown to 1150 alarm response companies worldwide.

Smoke detectors

Ajax systems have been in business for over a decade and are the home security technologies leaders. Their central receiving station is the most advanced system on the market and can be configured with two micro-SIM card slots for three or four-year connectivity. Users can also set up siren schedules and delay entry/exit delays remotely. They can also change the settings for false alarms via an app.

The Ajax fire detectors can also monitor the temperature of a room and the presence of carbon monoxide. They all have an integrated sounder to notify users of an alarm. When an alarm is triggered, users can see whether an intruder has entered the property or not. Moreover, if the intruder is a human, he can be verified visually through the video feed. Depending on the location, the Ajax fire alarm can be integrated with almost any home security system.

Temperature sensors

A security alarm is triggered when the temperature of a sensor outside of its acceptable range is exceeded. That can happen when a tamper enters the detector’s enclosure or when the sensor is exposed to a temperature more significant than the alarm’s threshold. The temperature sensor is triggered as long as the detector does not have a Jeweler connection. The Ajax Systems application can broadcast up to 10 RTSP streams. The Ajax systems company provides several sensors, including a smoke sensor with a temperature sensor called FireProtect, a street siren called StreetSitren, and many others.

Ajax’s motion detectors use a temperature-compensation system to adjust their sensitivity according to the ambient temperature. Animal signals are infrared, so the sensor will trigger an alarm if a pet is near the temperature threshold. It helps prevent false alarms; these systems can send notices to central monitoring stations and PRO Desktop. Ajax systems can support Sur-Gard protocol and SIA DC-09 proprietary protocols.

Burglary attempts

Ajax systems have a variety of countermeasures and gadgets. Unlike DIY alarm makers, Ajax offers a comprehensive suite of security products. The company’s security hub reacts to power outages, radio jamming, and other events. Ajax has many security solutions for businesses of any size. This article will discuss the benefits of Ajax security hubs for businesses.

The Jeweller protocol transmits encrypted data, which cannot spoof. It automatically switches to a free-radio radio frequency if it senses an interference. It then sends the alarm to its users and a security company. The entire system takes less than 0.15 seconds to deliver a notice. This security device complies with the European EN 50131 and PD 6662 security standards. Burglary attempts can also trigger an alarm at Ajax systems.


In addition to triggering an alarm when a burglar tries to open a door lock, Ajax systems also provide a siren. The siren is activated when a burglar tries to break into the building, so the alarm can interrupt them in their tracks and save you from harm. The security company will contact you for further instructions if necessary. If you have installed an Ajax security system, you can expect to save thousands of euros over time.

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