What Are The Qualities That You Should Look For In A Good Gym Towel?

Have you ever observed your towel under a microscope? If not, you are still unaware of the microbes that settle on its surface. However, if you get a chance to watch a dirty towel under a microscope, you will be shocked to see what you’re exposing your skin too.

Especially people who go to the gym every day should sit back and think whether the towel they use is an antibacterial towel or not. Athletes, sports players, and gym going people sweat a lot. And therefore, when they wipe their face and body again and again with a used towel, there are chances that they might have to deal with skin irritation and allergies.

So, you need to realise that towels are great bacterial traps, and you need to make some changes to protect yourself from being exposed to bacteria. If you have been using your ordinary towels in the gym, now is the time that you make a replacement for them by choosing bacteria-free workout towels.

Why Are Workout Towels Essential?

Gyms are overcrowded with sweaty people, which means that many germs can cause infection. In addition, the gym locker room, sauna and spa are full of bacteria, and when you repeatedly use your hand to wipe off the sweat, you end up touching your face and skin with hands full of bacteria. To avoid this, you can use a sweat-free, anti-bacterial hand towel that can wipe your face and keep you away from germs.

It will also keep you cool, and it quickly absorbs moisture and evaporates it so that the towel remains dry. It will keep you clean and dry after every use. So, don’t you think sweat-free towels will complement your gym kit?

Gym towels come in different varieties, making it challenging for customers to choose the right one. Below are some points that you must consider before buying a gym towel.

1. The Size Of The Towel

If you buy a too long or too short towel, it won’t solve your purpose. A medium-size towel with decent thickness is most suitable for your gym. If you go with a thin towel, it will tear off quickly. Whereas, if you buy a thick towel, it will take more time to get dry. Consider both factors before buying a towel.

2. Material

Do not buy towels made of material that can irritate your skin. A material that has maximum absorption power is suitable for gym towels. You can look forward to purchasing cotton, linen, bamboo or microfiber towels.

3. The Size And Weight

Your gym towel should ideally be the size of your hand. Also, the weight of the towel should not be too little or too heavy. A lightweight towel will be easier to tear, but it will dry quicker than a thick towel. But if you buy a thicker towel, you won’t get a dry towel when you want to use it.

4. The Softness Of The Towel

You would repeatedly use the towel to wipe your face and body. However, if the towel is made of rough material, it will cause skin rashes and irritation. Therefore, you must always purchase an antibacterial towel made of soft fabric.

So, look for companies that can offer you high quality, durable and resistible gym towels to protect yourself from bacteria.

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