What are the Common Causes for Truck Accidents in Manhattan?

Truck accidents in Manhattan are pretty much inevitable. There are a number of reasons why these collisions happen and pose safety risks to those on the road. The most common cause of truck accidents in Manhattan is driver fatigue. If you are involved in a truck accident, it is essential to seek the legal assistance of a Manhattan, KS Truck Accident Attorney.

An attorney can help you make a case against the driver, who may be liable for your injuries. If you are injured in a truck accident and want to determine who is liable for your injuries, a lawyer can be of great help. A truck accident attorney will also help you get the compensation you deserve.

For now, we will see the most common causes of truck accidents in Manhattan.

  • Driver fatigue

Driver fatigue is one of the major problems facing truck drivers. Drowsy driving is a common cause of truck accidents in Manhattan. The majority of truck collisions occur at night or during the early morning hours. These are super dangerous times for truck drivers due to their lack of concentration on the road and fatigue. If a driver falls asleep behind the wheel, he could pose a high risk to other motorists on the road. 

  • Speeding

Another common cause of truck accidents in Manhattan is speeding. Truck drivers are allowed to drive at a maximum speed of 55 mph. If a motorist tries to drive faster, his/her tires can easily blow, leading to an accident. Speeding is a serious problem, especially on the highways. 

  • Ignoring traffic signs

Many truck drivers do not care about signs on the road that warn motorists about their huge vehicles. The truck drivers will normally ignore the “No Truck” or “Low Bridge” signs, which could create many problems on the road for them and other motorists.

  • Hazardous roads

Another cause of truck accidents in Manhattan is road conditions. A truck driver could lose control of his vehicle if the road pavement is uneven. The driver could then collide with another vehicle or fall off a bridge.

  • Poor weather

Poor weather conditions are another factor to consider when we talk about the common causes of truck accidents in Manhattan. These conditions include rain, fog, snow, and other weather events. A driver could easily lose control of the vehicle during a storm, which could lead to a high-speed collision with another car.

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