What are Some of the Best Traditional Gold Jewellery Ornaments?

Like the languages spoken in India, there are many great traditional gold jewellery options available in the market. Each state has a different culture and has a variety of jewellery. When it comes to gold jewellery ornaments in India, many traditional ones are preferred over modern gold jewellery designs. In the majority of the traditional and cultural functions and festivals, wearing traditional gold jewellery is highly recommended.

Such traditional jewellery suits the occasions and the festivals of certain cultures. So, if you are willing to check out some of the best traditional gold ornaments in India, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are listing some of the best gold ornaments in Indian Culture. With these amazing gold ornaments in India, you can easily get the best one that suits your taste.

Traditional Gold Jewellery Designs in India

#1 – Kundan

Kundan is a traditional Indian necklace, which looks quite luxurious. Kundan is pretty different from any other necklace in India, as it comes with a variety of gemstones. The diamonds, rubies and emeralds are some of the most popular gemstones used in the Kundan. Kundan is usually worn in marriage functions or special festivals like Diwali and Hindu New Year.

#2 – Jhumkas

The hanging earrings are pretty standard in India, as they look stunning and have the traditional design. The Jhumkas are not meant for daily use but special occasions like marriage, festivals, birthday parties, etc. The Jhumkas are made with pure gold and sometimes silver to add colour contrast. Also, some of the jhumkas might have gemstones to make them look shiny and beautiful.

#3 – Bridal Jewellery

Anything related to the marriage ceremony should be traditional in India. It doesn’t matter about the Culture; the gold jewellery designs for the bride are traditional over the modern ones. The bridal jewellery set completes with the necklace, rings, earrings, nose pin, hairpin, and many other things. It’s impossible to list all of the jewellery designs and products, so clumping them into the bridal jewellery category seems beneficial.

#4 – Temple Jewellery

As religion influences the majority of the cultures in India, Temple Jewellery should be considered the Traditional Gold Jewellery in India. In India, Temple Jewellery is specially used for the Gods and other deities. When it comes to the oldest type of jewellery, the temple jewellery is considered the oldest one as it has cultural roots from more than a few thousand years. In certain cases, the ladies wear the temple jewellery designs in special occasions, as it provides the authentically religious look.

Final Words

The latest gold jewellery designs are only suitable for certain occasions or even daily use. But with the traditional gold jewellery, you can wear them anywhere on special occasions and flaunt your cultural values with ease. If we work on the list of the best traditional gold jewellery, then the list would be bigger than any book. We tried our best to list the most popular traditional gold ornaments that you should check out.

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