Top 5 Job Options for Masters in Applied Statistics

Master in Applied statistics is a very popular course, that candidates having a strong base in mathematics generally pursue. Masters or more effectively, MSc in Applied statistics is a 2-year postgraduate degree program, which the candidates can pursue in both online and offline mode. Applied Statistics is primarily the root of data analysis. 

The practice of this course comprises analyzing data that assists in defining and determining various business needs. Data is a massive asset and the growth of this data has led to incredible demand for statisticians as well as other related professional individuals with the skills of advanced applied statistics.

Applied statistics is a unique subject, which is much popular among students coming from a science background. It provides multiple career opportunities as there are many sectors, which are circled from the works of statistical figures. Hence, in this article, we will discuss the top 5 job options which you can avail yourself of after having a master’s in applied statistics degree.

Data Scientist

One of the best careers which you can choose, with a degree of masters in applied statistics is the job of a data scientist. Data Scientists have huge demand all over the world, and also remain among the highest paying jobs among all. There are also online programs that help candidates to become data scientists. You can find it on several websites which sell courses by knowing how to sell online courses using best platform to sell courses online.

They take an in-depth understanding of data to ensure that the viewers who stream various TV channels or services get a smooth experience and the right variety. Besides they are also responsible for analyzing and predicting the performance of various streaming devices and work on content creation for the distribution of algorithms ensuring the best video quality. The average salary of a data scientist in India is INR 10 lakhs.


Secondly, as you all know, statistics is one of the most common as well as the best careers that candidates choose after finishing their degree in masters in applied statistics. Statisticians play a prime role in keeping people safe. They use the science of data to collect organize as well as interpret and lastly summarize data for various organizations that play a major role in international security. The average salary of a Statistician in India is above INR 5 lakhs.

Industrial Statistician

Industrial Statistician is also among the top job options which you can go for with the master of applied statistics degree. They play a significant role in various companies and organizations knowing when, where, and how to sell the popular products that they make. 

For the global brands, work in the decision-making process, and decide on how and where to sell them. They also work as experts in analyzing the reliability of various marks which provide forecasts for different companies which work on selling goods on both national and international basis. The average salary of an Industrial Statistician in India is nearly INR 5 lakhs.


Being a biostatistician is one of the dream jobs that you might want to attain. You can also become a biostatistician by securing a degree in biostatistics which is available on various online websites that create different programs, by learning how to create an online course using best platform for selling online courses. Biostatisticians play a significant role in understanding space as well as travel in space, analyzing the data from space exploration, and atmospheric groups like SpaceX and even NASA. 

They also work in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, where they contribute their analysis skills to preventing epidemics. Besides they are also seen working in the pharmaceutical industry where they develop and analyze trial results for various vital new drugs. The average salary of a biostatistician in India is above INR 5 lakhs.

Sports Analyst

Sports Analyst is also among the biggest dream jobs which you might want to secure. It is especially for candidates who have a nack in sports and are good sportsmen as well. It is known that data has been one of the integral parts of running a successful sports program which is run on different levels including collegiate, and professional. They are responsible for using a historical team as well as the data of players to predict the outcomes of their performances and match results. The average salary of a sports analyst in India is INR 2.7 lakhs.

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