Tips To Put Your Baby To Sleep

Being a parent is a beautiful experience, but it can sometimes make you tired, especially when your little one doesn’t want to fall asleep. 

Some parents are lucky that their little angel falls asleep immediately after he is gently placed in bed, but you may not find yourself in this category of lucky parents. 

In this article, we will present you with some tricks that you could use to help your baby fall asleep.

It is possible to face almost every night the situation in which your little miracle wakes up every hour and cries. 

Often these crying sessions can overwhelm and exhaust you… 

We understand you, and that’s why we want to present you some ways in which you could put the little one to sleep.

Let’s get started…

Tips To Help Your Baby Sleeps

Make sure he is not hungry

One of the reasons why the little one might wake up or cry is hunger. That’s why we recommend that you make sure your baby is full. 

Doctors recommend that the baby be fed once every 2-3 hours in the first months of life. With a full stomach, the baby will have a restful sleep appropriate to his age.

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Eliminate disturbing factors

Some angels sleep deep, while others wake up to any noise!

To make sure that your baby sleeps peacefully in the crib, we advise you to close the window, the light and turn the TV off. 

The little one may wake up from one of these distractions and start crying right in the middle of the night. 

However, parenting experts recommend that you do not accustom your baby to falling asleep in complete darkness or total silence as he will become accustomed to this, which may cause other sleep problems in the future.

Avoid using any crib blankets, pillows, or toys inside the crib until your baby is -at least- 12-months old. 

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Swing your baby to fall asleep

One of the easiest ways for babies to fall asleep is to rock. 

The contact between the baby’s skin and the parents’ skin will give him a feeling of relaxation and security, which is why he could fall asleep quickly

You can do this by walking around the room or sitting on a rocking chair. 

Try to wear a more low-cut blouse, which will allow the baby to feel the warmth of your skin. Bonding is essential for him.

Talk to your baby gently

Medical research has shown that the baby can identify the mother’s voice through prenatal communication. 

Therefore, you could whisper to calm him down!

Because during the nine months of pregnancy, the fetus will often hear your voice, your baby will be inoculated with the idea that when he hears your voice, he is safe. For your baby, no sound is more special than yours, so talk to him!

Take care of his well-being

Physical contact between mother and baby is significant for the baby’s emotional development. 

While taking care of your baby, you will be able to pass on all your love, which gives him a sense of peace and security. 

Use humidifiers when the weather is dry to help him sleep comfortably. 

Therefore, if the baby is not asleep yet, you can sit next to his crib and take care of him gently.

The Takeaway 

These are just some tips and tricks that I used to practice when putting my kids to sleep. 

You need to understand that sleep is essential for the child’s physical and mental development, which is why we advise you not to ignore sleep problems and to consult a doctor if they persist.

Written by: Dema JS

Founder of and a mother of two little kids. Dema had her MBA from St. John’s University- NYC in dual concentrations: Executive Management and Marketing Management. 

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