Tips to Host the Perfect Wine and Paint Party

Wine and painting parties are becoming the most raging events across the country in small towns and metro cities. They are starting to become quite popular as well. Wine and paint are indeed an artistic combination that can spark up the heat of an event.

Such parties can be organised in various types like bring-your-own-bottle and combined crafting events. Mostly, sip and paint parties are arranged in the form of classes where a senior artist directs the candidates of the workshop while they sip and paint.

But it is not limited to classes only. Here are some effective and useful tips to help you host the perfect sip and paint party in Australia.

Planning Your Party

Before you host a party, planning the essentials for a sip and paint party is essential.

  • Party and Painting Space:Select a venue considering the number of guests and their painting space so that they can comfortably paint their pieces while sipping their wine.
  • Lighting:Lighting is crucial for organising an elegant and perfect party. Make sure to install lights that highlight the best features of the paintings and the mood of the guests at the party. Australia has various forums for party lights.
  • Décor:If you want to take your sip and paint party to the next level, be critical while selecting the décor pieces for your party.
  • Party Invites: Invite your guests at least a week prior so that you can plan the party and painting space accordingly without any hassle.

Deciding the Event Style

Usually, a professional artist teaches the attendees of a sip and paint gathering to paint a particular type of painting. But when you organise such an event at home, hiring an instructor is not always ideal. Instead, you can set a virtual platform for a video tutorial and create stunning artwork at the party along with your guests.

Bold Beverages

People have different palates, so their taste for wine would differ from wine to wine and from person to person. While some may enjoy the dryness of wines, others may appreciate the flavour of a particular type of wine. Ensure that you keep various options for your guests in wine, from reds to whites to roses. Also, keep options for non-alcoholic drinks as well.

Australia has a cool collection of wines to select from for every occasion. For your next sip and paint party, you can select your palette from this collection of wines in Australia.

Choose Your Painting Project

An artist can approach a sip and paint party with different aspects of painting. You can use at-home kits that include everything you could possibly need to set your painting project. Alternatively, you can find an online tutorial that teaches the basics and gets all the necessary supplies.

You can hit the craft store for your essentials. This would also be an excellent way to save money. Also, choose a painting project that suits everyone present at the party and is simple. After all, the main idea of the party is to relax, sip, and paint.


Wine and paint parties are always fun with family and friends. Anybody can be creative in their own little ways. However, not everyone realises their creativity. These parties allow you to paint and sip your wine and have a fun and relaxed time with like-minded people. You can imagine what a combination of colours clubbed with a glass of tasty wine can do!

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