Three Reasons Why Airport Security is Important

Did you know as of November 2021, there have been over 5,000 airport incidents that required intervention by airport security? While the TSA airport security handled many of those incidents without force, many of them ended up with someone in handcuffs.

State-of-the-art security devices and well-trained personnel help avoid many threats. But, what other reasons are there to have an efficient airport security force? In today’s post, we’ll go further into detail about those reasons and more, so be sure to stick around until the end.

1. First Line of Defense Against Terrorist

Unfortunately, many attacks start at airports because terrorists use planes in their plots. So, having the right tools at an airport security check is vital to avoid these attacks. For example, in 2006, an airport security scanner thwarted a terrorist plot since it caught a suspicious item.

This item turned out to be a dangerous liquid explosive disguised as a soda can. Of course, having a high-tech airport security scanner is only useful if you have well-trained security officers. And the only way someone can learn how to distinguish a suspicious item is through live airport security training.

At these live training sessions, trainees will see firsthand how to handle dangerous situations. Also, live flight crew security training can help staff manage complicated problems that may arise during flight.

2. Put a Halt on Drug Trafficking

Many notorious drug lords like Pablo Escobar or Nicky Barnes used airplanes as their main distribution source. They would use passenger luggage to smuggle drugs in and out of the country, as you already may know. And when airports started to check luggage, they began to smuggle drugs in people.

Now, airport security personnel scan both luggage and people before passing the security checkpoint. Thus, security catches and confiscates most drugs before they enter a country. As you can see, airport security jobs are vital to stop illicit narcotics from being distributed.

3. Keep Passengers Safe

Unfortunately, mass shootings have become common in countries like the U.S, like the Fort Lauderdale mass shooting of 2017. In these scenarios, TSA airport security personnel are essential as they can instruct passengers to safer areas of the airport. Additionally, they can help local law enforcement maneuver through the airport without wasting time.

Of course, there are less dangerous scenarios security personnel will face, like handling passengers that may cause harm to other travelers.

Airport Security Keeps Us Safe

With these three reasons, you can see why having a professional airport security force is essential for the safety of everyone.

But, of course, airport security can only do so much in certain situations, so you can’t expect them to stop all dangerous situations. So, how will you improve your airport security personnel?

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