Things to Consider When Buying Bosch Circular in Kenya

Buying a bosch circular saw to ease your work is thoughtful but the problem knocks when you are not sure of the bosch circular saw price in Kenya and its suitability in performing the task at hand. In this article, we will discuss what we need to know about Bosch circular saws.

The circular saw machine can be defined as a type of power saw that is designed for cutting various materials using a special blade. It normally uses a rotation movement and is designed like a hole saw as well as a ring saw which uses the same type of motion though the circular saw is distinct on its own. Below is a photo showing the exceptional features of the Bosch circular saw.

Some of the advantages you should know about bosch circular saw in Kenya are discussed below. It has lightweight. It is not restricted to a spot as a table saw. It is furthermore portable at around eight pounds for ease of carrying around. When using its cordless type you prefer not to bother about power sources either. You are also safe from any anxiety of tripping over cords.

Another benefit of a Bosch circular saw is its versatility of cuts. It not only makes a clear cut, used for tearing motives but also makes all types of adorning punches. You can make cuts like the bevel cut, plunge cut, cross-cut and finish-cutting. with the same blade without changing it. Very few tools can deliver this sort of versatility.

They have a LED light which helps you to utilize them effectively even in low light conditions. They also come with a fast charger that guarantees quick charging. It helps in saving plenty of time. Another advantage of the Bosch circular saw is that it is convenient in both left and right-handed models. Youcan prefer one according to your prominent hand. Below are some of the Bosch circular saw you should check out.

GKS 18V-57 Cordless Circular Saw

This is a circular saw that has a quick sawing percentage and lengthy runtime as a result of its batteries andpowerful motor. This shows that its performance is promising. It also has a battery voltage of 18 volts and it is powered all-round for all robust sawing jobs.

GKS 140 Professional Circular Saw

When considering the Bosch circular saw, you need to bear in mind that it is highly recommended for its high performance and resistance to rough cutting. Its affordability and reliability make it is moreover easy to use as the visible cut sight on the baseplate increases accuracy. Its ergonomic design and robust material make it durable. Lastly, the machine is portable hence requires less manpower.

GKS 190 professional

GKS 190 Bosch circular saw is highly ratified due to its speed and solace being redefined in its class for continual use. The machine has a deeper cutting depth of 67mm, high cutting speed guaranteeing increased productivity work and it is strong and resistant to heavy work hence perfect in cutting hardwood.

In conclusion, the Bosch circular saw machine is tremendous in its performance hence if you are yearning to get one, please don’t hesitate to choose the Bosch brand.  Check more about Bosch tools Kenya.

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