The Five Types of Towels You Should Know

So you are finally getting your own place? Great. Now comes the difficult bit when you are trying to figure out which bathroom accessories you need. Many people will tell you not to waste money on buying extra towels, but can you imagine using the same towel over and over? Not only does it pose a risk of getting face acne, but it is also not recommended by any hygienist or a person with common home decor sense.

Here are five types of towels a place should always have:

Bath Towels

These are the most generic types of towels, which are bigger in size, and you use them daily when you’re done taking a shower. These are around 70 x 125cm big.

You can choose between synthetic fibers or cotton towels in this case, but using Stellar Home’ bath towels redefine the comfort of cotton towels for you. Bath towels redefine the comfort of cotton towels for you. So, we recommend you invest in some cotton bath towels for ultimate drying and comfort.

Face Towels

These types of towels are most widely used after bath towels. They are smaller in size; 30 x 30 cm in size on average, and they are designed to dry your face. Since facial skin is sensitive and acne-prone, it is best to get face towels which are of softer fabrics.

You should also pat dry when using face towels. They are not meant to be smeared across the face in order to remove excess water. Patting helps reduce the spread of bacteria, and keeps your face fresh and glowing for a long time.

Hand Towels

Hand towels can come in handy next to the dinner table when you are done eating, and you have washed your hands (if you ate with them). It is crucial to have a hand towel if you are sharing your living space with even one other person. They need constant washing, however, they are super-necessary, and it is a shame that many people avoid them altogether.

Hair Towels

Lighter and thinner than bath towels, these towels are for drying your hair. Again, the scalp and hair cuticles are not like the rest of the body, and they need proper management and care when they are dried. Rubbing a towel on your head is going to damage your hair and irritate the scalp further.

These towels are also a great option for people who just want to keep their hair tied up when they get out of the shower and leave it to speed up the drying time. The drying time increases because of the thinner fabric.


Washcloths are for daily use and must be replaced daily. Unlike body towels, washcloths are actually used to dry the body. They usually come in 33 x 19 x 8 cm in dimensions, so they are the largest size towel you can purchase.


Buying the right towels is a very important step towards keeping your skin happy. After hours of sweating it out at the gym or washing your make-up off at the end of the day, you need a towel that dries you off and is lightweight. Fortunately buying towels online has made it possible to get different kinds of towels for your every need.

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