The Complete Guide to Wooden Flower Arrangements

Flowers are some of nature’s hardest-working multitaskers. They can convey joy, celebration, sympathy, and sorrow all at the same time.

For this reason, they’re mainstays at almost every major life event. You’ll find enormous bouquets at wedding receptions, religious ceremonies, funerals, birthday parties, and more.

However, the only downfall with these gorgeous blossoms is that their timeline is finite. Despite how stunning a live arrangement may be in its prime, it will eventually succumb to the decay that awaits. Thankfully, you can avoid this fate with wooden flower arrangements!

Every bit as visually dynamic as the real thing, these crafts are quickly gaining popularity as people discover their practicality and beauty. Today, we’re sharing a quick guide on how to enjoy this hobby for yourself.

What Do Wooden Flower Arrangements Include?

As with live flowers, wooden flower arrangements are customizable to meet your needs. Whether you try to make them yourself or purchase them pre-made, you can have full control over the colors, shapes, and designs.

Crafters can transform the thin slices of wood into various floral elements, including petals, stems, and leaves. While each arrangement will originally start out as the color of the wood, these pieces come to life when you add your custom hues. You can choose to purchase individual, single flowers or add a variety of blooms to an arrangement or basket.

What makes these wooden, permanent flowers so special? There aren’t machines that do the work for you. Rather, each piece is hand-crafted with care and attention.

This means that each arrangement is unique and one-of-a-kind. Do you want to create a bridal bouquet or wedding tablescape that all of your guests will remember? Looking for a memorable piece for a family event or memorial?

In any case, these are a great option. They send a sweet message and show you care, and recipients will be able to remember that sentiment for years to come.

Benefits of Choosing Wooden Flowers

With so many local flower shops at your fingertips, why should you invest in a wooden flower arrangement? Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why this purchase is worth it.

Preserve Your Blooms at Home

One of the aspects we appreciate most about wooden flowers is that they allow you to preserve those blooms that are already budding in your backyard!

If you’ve ever snipped a shrub clean just to have stems for your kitchen or living area, then you know that the feeling can be bittersweet. While we love to enjoy and look at fresh flowers, their lifespan shortens the second you remove them from their parent plant.

You never have to worry about this with wooden flowers. This way, you can enjoy gorgeous blossoms both indoors and outdoors with ease.

Access to Larger Variety

When you work with a commercial florist for a special event, your choices are limited to the blooms that are in season at that time of year. For instance, if you want bright hydrangeas in the middle of winter in the South, then you’ll likely be required to modify your vision a little!

While some florists can access blooms from other parts of the country, those services usually require an additional fee. Instead of pouring money into a specialty product that won’t last longer than a few days, purchase wooden flowers instead!

The crafter you choose can make any type of flower variety you need, including ones that aren’t currently in season where you live! This expands your potential and gives you access to a greater number of designs. For inspiration, check out these gorgeous options from Sola Flowers.

Enjoy Longevity and Durability

When you’re transporting or handling real flowers, you have to be extra gentle. The slightest speedbump or misstep could send your meticulously-crafted arrangement flying.

Then, you’re left with not only money down the drain, but a time-consuming mess to clean up as well. This is another benefit of choosing sustainable flowers. These wooden arrangements are built to last, and you never have to worry about yours falling apart.

As long as you follow basic care and maintenance instructions, they’ll maintain their shape and colors for a very long time. They’re also gorgeous without being too precious, so you never have to think twice about moving them or holding them. This makes them the ideal accessories for a tiny flower girl or ring bearer!

No Allergy Concerns

Nothing ruins a beautiful bouquet like the onset of allergy symptoms! Despite their brilliant appearance, sometimes the prettiest blooms can trigger the most uncomfortable symptoms!

Whether you’re the one feeling ill or you have a loved one who simply can’t tolerate bouquets, you know that this can make exterior and interior decoration more than a little difficult.

The good news? You can sidestep all of these concerns by purchasing faux wooden flowers! They might look real, but they won’t leave you reaching for the tissues any time soon.

Budget-Friendly For Any Event

Not only are permanent flowers longer-lasting and more rugged than live blooms, but they can also be easier on your wallet. With the real deal, you’re paying for a resource that will eventually dry out and rot. While they’re eye-catching at first, those pops of color will soon fade.

No matter what amount you pay, your investment will eventually run its course. With wooden flowers, you can feel confident that you’re putting your money to good use. The ROI is excellent!

Wooden Flower Arrangements Enhance Any Event

Maybe you need an elaborate bouquet for an upcoming wedding or rehearsal dinner. Or, perhaps you just want to decorate your home with flowers that won’t turn gray after a few days.

Either way, wooden flower arrangements fit the bill. Long-lasting, durable, and exquisite to look at, they’ll leave any guest inspired. Plus, you can rest assured that you achieved the look without harming the environment or putting anyone with health issues at risk.

As you look for the best crafter around, we’re here to keep you updated on everything lifestyle-related. Check back often for more helpful guides!

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