The lottery or lotto concept may have its origins in the U.S. or Europe, but Aussie lotteries offer the best odds in the world. There are various government organised and private lotteries under government regulation. These lottos have varying rules and odds but a steady follower base. Today, more people are open to trying Australian lottos like the Powerball, Saturday Lotto, Monday Lotto, etc. People will find it effortless to master the rules and join the millions playing the lottery regularly. Aussies find the lottery lucrative for several reasons, the primary reason being that all lottery payouts are tax-free. People can claim the entire winning amount without paying a penny as tax. Another reason is the high odds the various lottos offer, with their high payout amounts. Almost every day of the week has a unique lotto, allowing people to try their luck at different lottos with affordable tickets.


Beginners usually start small, but those who want to try winning big can try the PB Lotto. The PB Lotto and Oz Lotto don’t have a cap on the winning amount, while most lotteries offer an upper limit of 4 million AUD.

Powerball Rules Explained

Like most lotteries, this lotto also uses the drawing of balls. There are two sets of balls, one standard set of 35 balls and the PB set of 20. People should choose numbers from both number sets, and at least five of their chosen numbers from the standard numbers set should match with the winning draw to win a jackpot. People with the matching PB set number with a minimum of two standard-set numbers are eligible for the jackpot prize.

The Divisions

This lotto is famous everywhere in Australia for its high odds and jackpot rules. People choose a total of eight balls, seven standard-set numbers and one PB-set number. The best part of this lotto is that people don’t have to get all eight numbers right. There are nine divisions of winning amounts depending on the number of balls that match the winning draw,

  • Division I – A full match of all eight numbers (individual’s pick of seven standard-set numbers and the PB set number match the winning draw)
  • Division II – Full match of standard-set (individual’s pick of all seven standard-set numbers match the winning draw)
  • Division III – Six standard-set numbers and the PB set number matches the winning draw.
  • Division IV – Six standard-set numbers matches the winning draw
  • Division V – Five standard-set numbers and the PB set number matches the winning draw.
  • Division VI – Four standard-set numbers and the PB set number matches the winning draw.
  • Division VII – Five standard-set numbers match the winning draw.
  • Division VIII – Three standard-set numbers and the PB set number matches the winning draw.
  • Division IX – Two standard-set numbers and PB set number matches the winning draw.

Additionally, people can also join “syndicates” to increase their chances of winning. These “syndicates” consist of mutually agreeing parties who split the prize money if they win. “Syndicates” increase the odds of picking a perfect standard-set and PB set, allowing for a larger cash prize. The biggest prize in this lotto’s history is 150 million AUD, split by three people in a syndicate. This prize amount is also the biggest in Australia.

Aussie lotteries are effortless to participate in, allowing even the most inexperienced to try them first-hand. With the wide range of lotteries and their high odds, people have excellent chances of winning it big. Lottery tickets don’t cost much either, so people can try as many times as they want. Win or lose, lotteries provide an avenue of fun with the chance of making money, making them worthwhile.

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