Stone coated roofing tiles prices in Kenya.

Most houses in the countryside or those built a couple of years ago have one common similarity. The roof mainly consists of stone-coated roofing tiles. Nowadays, the most recommended roofing material is stone-coated steel tiles.

Pros and cons of Stone coated roofing tiles to consider before buying them in Kenya. 

If you consider having a durable roof and yet traditional look, you might have thought of purchasing Stone coated roofing tiles. The ones available in the market today, however, incorporate metal to prolong their durability. Below are some of the advantages of these roofing tiles that you should consider before you buy them.

Pros of Stone coated roofing tiles.


When the roof is correctly installed, it will give you 40 to 70 years of service, unlike asphalt shingles that require replacement about every 20 years. The stone-coated steel roofing tile has a much longer lifespan compared to most traditional roofing materials, making it the better investment choice for your home in the long run.


When considering the Stone coated roofing tiles prices in Kenya, you will want a roof structure that can withstand strong winds, hail, or even heavy rains and other adverse weather conditions. A stone-coated steel roofing tile meets the requirements, and even though it is considered a heavy material, it is actually very light.

Energy efficiency

You might be concerned about you’re the temperatures at your home excessively rising during the hot seasons. Well, you have nothing to worry about as this is a common misconception. The Stone-coated tills will reflect the heat from the sun, protecting your house from ultraviolet rays and also keeps it cool.

Low maintenance 

One of the factors to keep in mind when deciding roofing tiles prices in Kenya is maintenance. Unlike most traditional roofing tiles, Stone coated steel tiles require zero maintenance since they offer protection against poor weather conditions. This eliminated most of the repair costs.

Beautiful and versatile  

Functionality is crucial when choosing a roofing material; additionally, you want a roof that provides a sense of style and beauty. Modern-day Stone coated roofing tiles provide diversity in texture, color, and design. This gives you confidence in your roof’s safety and appearance.

Cons of Stone coated roofing tiles.

High initial cost

The initial cost of purchasing stone coated roofing tiles is at the high end. However, it will save you on the maintenance cost since it does not require any maintenance. To decide whether to invest in the roofing tiles, factor in the initial required cost and how much you might save in the long run.


The roof’s installation will determine the amount of noise you might experience during rain or a hailstorm. Unique material like sturdy jacketed roof decks is placed between the top and house to silence the sound during installation. You may also add loft insulation that can diminish the roof noise.


The cost of constructing a house is usually high, and deciding how much you are willing to spend on the roofing material is usually a crucial decision to make. If you decide on using Decra roofing sheets, consider some of their pros and cons before you decide on investing in them in Kenya.

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