Steps Schools Should Take to Stop Cyberbullying

With the advent of new and innovative technology and the benefit it provides, the use of the internet and digital devices like mobile phones, computers, tablets are ever-increasing. Students use it more often as it aids them in assignments, projects, and other school activities. These technological advancements provide several benefits if used appropriately. They cause significant harm and hazards if they are misused. Bullies do not just resort to school premises but invade the personal space of their victims by cyberbullying and الابتزاز الالكتروني through computers or mobile at any time of day. ابتزاز and cyberbullying takes a huge toll on the mental health of children and has several adverse effects on their social and academic life. The bullies are usually school mates hence the school needs to take necessary measures to stop and prevent cyberbullying.

Recognize the Signs

The signs of cyberbullying are quite visible if one is vigilant to spot them. Bullies and critique their targets and leave them isolated. Keep a lookout for students who are usually alone and avoid being in groups. Cyberbullying leaves the child with low self-esteem and minimum to zero confidence. Teachers should notice the students who try to avoid class participation and group discussions. The academic performance of victims is also affected due to cyberbullying. They may even frequently skip school. School staff should examine attendance records and academic results to get an idea of victims of cyberbullying.

Encourage Students to Report Incidences

Bullies often team up to criticize people. Anyone who helps the child getting bullied is also subjected to oppression. For this reason, students avoid speaking up and standing against bullies. Schools should, however, encourage the students to reports incidences of cyberbullying. The students should be ensured that necessary measures will be taken against the bully and that the children speaking against the bullies will not face the consequences of doing so. Schools should keep the identity of the reporter confidential so that he is not subjected to bullying. Victims themselves should also be encouraged to speak up against their bullies so they can be protected by the school policies.

Right Response to Cyberbullying

When cases of cyberbullying get reported, the school staff must take appropriate action. It is essential to deal with this matter with utmost responsibility and best way possible. The bully, after being identified, should be counselled properly. Punishing such students inculcates hatred in them. The bullies themselves are usually the disturbed ones who channel their misery through mocking others. It is wise to identify their reason for bullying and guide them accordingly. Teachers should also take steps to improve the self-esteem and mental health of the victims

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