Some common mattress myths busted

Are you shifting houses, or are you replacing your old mattress? Whether you’re looking for a single mattress, King size mattress, memory foam mattress, or even a spring mattress, you may have come across some of the following myths regarding the mattress. Read on to see what’s wrong with those myths and what you should do instead.

1. All Mattresses are the same after a few weeks of use:

This myth is far from the truth. A Memory foam mattress is designed to respond to the heat and pressure of your body and distribute body weight evenly. It provides the ultimate support to your spine. The mattress moulds itself to suit your body to give you a custom feel. On the other hand, mattresses composed of Bonnell springs allow for a higher degree of bounce and ventilation. They can be ideal if you find foam mattresses to be too warm. Most recently, mattresses with pocket springs have been developed that minimize the transmission of movement through the bed. If your partner is a fussy sleeper, you do not have to buy a single mattress for yourself anymore. Simply buy a double mattress with pocket springs! Not only do they feel different, but long-term usage of these mattresses results in different types of wear and tear. They must be taken care of in slightly different ways as well.

2. Firm mattresses are better for your back:

You cannot make a blanket (mattress?) statement like this and hope to get away with it. Each body is made different and has different needs. Firm mattresses are more useful for equal weight distribution and are suitable for heavier people and those who sleep flat on their backs or abdomen. Soft beds make side-sleeping a much more pleasant experience. It is ideal for people with joint pain, as it does not put any excess pressure on the joints. Soft mattresses made of memory foam can also offer additional support at the exact spot where it’s needed.

3. There’s no way to clean a mattress.

There are many ways to clean a mattress. Dust can accumulate in the pores, so you must vacuum your mattress regularly. Use the vacuum’s upholstery attachment and clean all areas – including the underside- of the bed. Additionally, if something spills on it and leaves a stain – you can spot clean the surface of the mattress. Ensure you use mattress-safe mild detergents and use dabbing rather than rubbing motions to lift the stain. If you happen to use a mattress protection cover, it keeps your mattress cleaner for longer. Follow the same steps as above for cleaning the cover. However, do not machine wash the cover, as it may shrink.

4. You need to replace the mattress once in 15 years.

No mattress lasts for 15 years. You will have to replace yours if it is older than eight years. Every mattress is subject to regular wear and tear, which can prevent it from functioning optimally.

Your mattress can accumulate dust and sweat, it can sag, and it can even get lumpy from long-term use. Such a mattress cannot satisfactorily provide you with musculoskeletal support.

5. You must flip your mattress once in a while:

Many mattresses are designed with padding only on one side and are not meant to be flipped. Many others have two different firmness levels on two sides, allowing you to choose which side you want to sleep on that day, and thus, can be flipped. You will need to take guidance from your mattress retailer about the mattress’s particulars before buying it.

Did you know that annually nearly 200,000 Australians are hospitalized due to chronic backaches? One of the leading causes of back pain is suboptimal sleeping conditions owing to an inappropriate mattress. And it is an undisputed fact that a good night’s sleep improves not only your physical but also mental health. Go ahead and visit your nearest mattress retailer, and try out a whole range of mattresses before investing in one that can promise you a good night, night after night!

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