Six Kinds of Special Store Events to Get More Customers

How people shop has evolved, with people now choosing online shopping over visiting retail stores. Many people choose to follow influencer recommendations and read online reviews before making their purchases. But where does that leave retail stores? If your store is retail-only, then you may have struggled to try to figure out how you can get more customers.

If that’s the case, then consider using special in-store events to get people walking through your doors. In-store events often provide people with incentives to visit retail stores, incentives that can’t be found online. Through in-store events, you can build a consumer base for yourself that is loyal to your store and will keep coming back to make purchases.

What are special store events?

A unique store event can be anything from a pop-up store to inviting an influencer or an expert over to speak. It’s a way of getting people to talk about your store and can be a powerful publicity tool when done right. There are several kinds of special store events you can consider, from charities and fundraisers to giving away free samples. An example of this is when stores start promoting seasonal wares, such as around the Christmas season. It’s not uncommon to find stores giving samples, stocking seasonal exclusives, and providing giveaways around the Christmas season.

The most significant benefit of hosting in-store special events is that you get to reach out to your target market and build a rapport with them. Here are six kinds of special store events you can consider and how to promote them:

1. Hold a launch event

Stores often use launch events to promote new products or services they’ve started offering. It’s a great way to show off the features and benefits of using your new products or services. An example of this is a tasting event for food.

If your store is offering a new kind of food, then providing free samples of that during your launch event can get people interested in the product. People are always interested in free things, and should they like the product or service you’re offering, you may end up with a customer as well. For an added incentive that gets people to visit your store, why not consider a special launch only event.

You can decorate your store and provide free samples during launch day. The idea is to get people to click pictures or talk about your store on their social media profiles. This creates brand awareness about your store and generates word-of-mouth marketing as well.

2. Hold a special sale for products that didn’t make it to mass production.

The unique selling point of this kind of in-store event is that it gets people interested in a product that few others have. Creating an air of exclusivity can help people feel special and get them to make purchases from you.

A special store event for items that didn’t make it into mass production allows you to clear your stock while also building your brand. Since you’ll be offering limited items during your sale, it’s more likely to pique the interest of your target market. You can even create an online Facebook event to let people know about your special store event.

3. Host a pop-up store event

Pop-up store events are great ways to sell exclusive, limited-time products or services to customers in your store. Although a pop-up store often looks unplanned, the reality of the situation is that they are often meticulously thought out. You’ll need to carefully coordinate with your employees to plan out as well as execute your event.

You’ll need strong communication, teamwork, as well as planning skills to set up a successful pop-up store event.

There are two kinds of pop-up store events that you can host. The first is an unticketed version, open to all shoppers and those who specifically come for the event. The second option is to host a ticketed exclusive in-store event. These tend to generate more hype and allow you to make your customers feel special.

You can also follow up your special store event with special offers as a way to get people to return to your store. Please provide them with redeemable incentives, such as a special gift or a discount after every tenth or fifteenth purchase.

4. Collaborate with a charity to host a fundraiser event

A great way to generate positive buzz about your retail store is to work together with a charity to host a fundraiser. This gives the charity space, as well as publicity, to host their fundraiser. It also gives you the option to access their audience and network circle.

When choosing a charity to work with, consider opting for one that has the same mission and vision as you. By hosting fundraisers in your store, you can get people walking in through the door while also inspiring your local community.

5. Ask an expert or an influencer to your store.

Influencer marketing is becoming more common because people tend to respond better to the people they follow on social media. In keeping up with this trend, you can think about inviting an influencer to speak at your store. You can host a meet and greet with them and invite their fans.

Consider ensuring that the influencer you select has the same target market as you in order to ensure that your store gets new customers. Even if you can’t invite an A-list celebrity or influencer, micro-influencers are more likely to hold more significant sway over what their audience buys.

In case there are any complicated products or services that you sell, consider asking an expert to give a demonstration. This can allow people to better understand your products and services and also shows them that you care that they make informed choices.

6. Host a giveaway or give a prize

Giveaways and prizes are often seen during holiday shopping events and are a popular way to get customers through the door. Giving out new or popular products is usually recommended, as it also serves as publicity for the item you’re giving away. Makeup brands often make use of this tactic to give away colours from previous seasons. They either give away last season’s products for free, with a product from this season or sell them at discounted prices.

This is a great way to move stock while also building loyalty with your consumer base. It also gives you the opportunity to cross-promote old merchandise with new. Consider who you’re target market is when choosing a prize since your aim to ensure that that product or service is sold out.


Hosting special store events is a great way to generate publicity for your retail store and attract customers. Consider protecting your store from the everyday risks your business can experience. This can happen in the form of business disruptions, getting sued by a customer, or more. Public liability insurance can help you protect your business from common risks associated with running a store.

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