Selfies And Car Accidents -Understanding The Relation!

Around 97% of the US population is on social media these days. While social media does help the world come closer and is a great platform for sharing your day-to-day updates with your friends and family, it has also become a leading cause of distraction while driving. 

According to research, more than half of drivers in the US admit to using mobile phones while driving. One of the popular social media practices is taking selfies and uploading them on social media accounts. However, doing this while driving can prove fatal. 

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Dangers associated with selfies 

Nobody would have thought that something which seems so harmless could be fatal in certain conditions. Taking selfies in cars and moving vehicles put drivers themselves and others on the road at risk of injury.  

Selfies, in general, have caused harm to people in various locations, such as falling from mountains and buildings while posing, being attacked by animals, and other situations. This is because when you take a selfie, your entire focus is on taking the picture, and some people disconnect from their surroundings entirely. 

The same happens when you take a selfie while driving. No matter if you are holding the phone or your friend is holding it, taking your focus off the road to look into the camera for even a few seconds can result in a deadly accident. Such situations can cause a multi-car collision, rear-end collision, T-bone accident, or hit a pedestrian on the street. 

Types of distractions caused by selfies 

Taking selfies and updating your social media status while driving can put you at risk of three types of distractions. 

  • Visual

Visual distraction occurs when the driver takes her/his eyes off the road to look into the camera to take the selfie and upload it on their social media. 

  • Manual

Manual distraction occurs when the driver takes one or both of their hands off the steering wheel to hold their smartphone for taking the selfie. 

  • Cognitive 

Cognitive distraction occurs when the driver takes her/his mind and focuses off the road to take a selfie or compose a status update. 

How to prevent selfie-related car accidents 

  1. It is the safest when your phone, camera, and other devices are not nearby when driving. This will help you focus and fight the urge to take a picture. 
  2. When you see a selfie-taker on the road, report them. 
  3. Talk to your teen kids about the dangers of distraction while driving and educate them about the traffic laws and the consequences if they break them. 

Driving is not a child’s play. A driver’s eyes and focus should always be on the road. If a driver ends up injuring, or even worse, killing another person because of their silly distractions, they should suffer from the consequences of their actions. Contact an attorney to seek justice. 

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