Reimagining sex, especially for seniors

You are old now, and you want your comfy sweatpants and cuddle instead of spicy romp in the bed. You neither have the mental nor the physical energy for spontaneous sex, that is also extra adventurous.

Being in this state of mind is perfectly alright. People will have you believe otherwise, however, it is okay for not want to have sex, all the time.

While for some people it is a conscious choice, however, it can also be attributed to aging body as well. When we age, the hormones fluctuate. Issues set in. And even if you want to have sex, you cannot, due to subsequent health problems.

For to deal with sexual dysfunction, it is high recommended that you seek help from an expert like the top sexologist.

For some people, not having spontaneous trysts in the bed might also be a choice. The matter of concern, in most cases, is what that means for their relationship then.

Exploring intimacy

Intercourse is not the only way you can be intimate with your partner. There are ways other than wham, bam, thank you ma’am that can be employed to strengthen the relationship, without the burden of performing a rite your heart is not into.

Sex does not always have to be penetrative, there is more to sex than the one-dimension approach we have to it. It is a vast field, and you therefore need to reimagine it. Think in terms of exploring into foreplay.

Similarly, there are other ways to physically please each other. It does not have to be sexual in nature to begin with; a lovely cuddle, being comfortable around each other, a peck on the cheek– it can be anything that helps your companionship.

Essentially, intimacy can also be about non-sexual activities and hobbies, examples of which include taking courses together as a couple, camping together etc.

Don’t build it

If you build for the pulsating desire to strike, you may remain celibate. Instead, just decide to go for it, after all, sex is good for the mind and the body.


In order to have a healthy sex life, it is also pertinent for you to have a healthy relationship to begin with. An important principle in this endeavor is to have effective communication.

You and your partner need to be on the same page with regards to your conceptualization of your intimate life. In is therefore pertinent for you to have the talk your partner; even if you have been together for a long time, and you think you know what they want, but still, have the important talk.

Having a good communication with regards to sex during old age is even more important, as your body is undergoing changes that might even make you uncomfortable. Rather than suffering in silence, having self-esteem issues and being hard on yourself, just talk to your partner about the changing dynamics.

There are some tricks that can help you with the communication. Firstly, it is important that you seek your partner’s permission to initiate conversation about such a sensitive topic. Moreover, sex is something that affects both of you, therefore, both stakeholders need to be comfortable with the idea of this conversation.

Then, broach about the topic in a respectful manner, so that your partner is able to get along with this journey of reimaging sex.

Moreover, it is also vital that you be considerate of their response and start your conversation in a way that invites discussion. You should not guilt-trip them into following along by a unilateral conversation.

It is also crucial that you be honest with what you want. You are talking to your partner, not the principal. Be respectful but be direct in what you want.

However, if you still find conversation a difficult topic, then you and your partner can also consult an expert therapist via

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