Reasons to Purchase a GPS Tracker for Your Bike

If you are a cyclist, you know the thrill of riding down the town, rushing through the city traffic, going through dense forests and farmlands. Wherever is your destination, you will love the ride more than anything. Biking is a fun activity, and many love to spend their time riding their bike across the street or going outside the city area—whatever place you choose, your bike needs a GPS tracker.

In recent years, the sale of bicycle GPS in Australia has shot up. The pandemic could be the primary reason as everybody was tired of sitting idle at home and unable to perform any outdoor activities. Cities like Melbourne and Sydney have faced the most lockdowns in the last two years; hence, people are eager to go outdoors.

So, why are these tracking devices necessary? Should you buy one? If you continue reading the article, you will find out why one should buy a GPS tracker for their bicycle. And finally, you can decide on your own.

Reasons why you should consider buying a GPS tracker:


It is an essential feature of bicycle GPS, and it must be the first thing you must consider while purchasing one. Every year, thousands of bikes get stolen in Australia. In Victoria, Australia, bike theft has increased 81.2% in the last decade. So, it is a genuine concern of people who travel long distances on a bike. It’s not just the bicycles; even motorbikes theft is also rising. The pre-pandemic figures show that around 9,516 motorcycles (2018-19) are stolen in the country every year.

Features like movement and shock alerts make these GPS devices handy. When someone tries to move or ride your bicycle when you are not around, the device will send a message to your phone (in high-end devices), and it also offers live tracking of your bike via Google maps.

Real-time tracking

Some anti-theft trackers operate with the pay-as-you-go method, and some real-time GPS trackers use the internet for their functioning. The data is stored in a powerful web platform. You can use your laptop or mobile /tablet to log in and check the whereabouts of your bicycle. Live GPS trackers will show you the current location of your bike, whether it’s moving or lying idle somewhere.

The data will be stored in the web platform, and you can trace the path of the bicycle—it makes the police’s job easier.

The jamming function

Some latest devices come with a jamming mechanism that locks the tires. It is an excellent way of avoiding theft if the thief is planning to ride the bike—in most cases, the bicycle thieves are teenagers or passerby pedestrians; hence, they usually plan to ride to their place. But, if your town has a big bike stealing mafia, then you are out of luck, just kidding.


Yes, some manufacturers still make PDA—an additional feature of bicycle GPS in Australia. What are the reasons for it? There are many:

  • You can use Google maps on it
  • Calendar/time/date on display
  • The weather report in detail

The Australian government aims to minimise the astounding number of thefts every year. And some of the policies they recommended are:

  • Lockable on-street bicycle parking facilities
  • Offering incentives to multi-storey buildings that install secure, bicycle parking facilities with restricted access
  • Fit-for-purpose bike facilities in workplaces

These are the benefits of having a GPS tracker on your bicycle. In fact, it will help you ride safely and comfortably. Having these features are an added advantage when you plan to travel long distances, and during the camping and trekking seasons, peace of mind is guaranteed.

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