Purple Haze Feminized Seeds

That girl put a spell on me, sang Jimi Hendrix. You’re about to experience the same enchantment with Purple Haze feminized seeds.

This strain is the stuff of legend at this point, and it hardly needs an introduction. Are you in the mood to experience hazy psychedelia, cross a must-try from your to-smoke list, or revisit a classic? It’s the answer to your every question.

Today, we’re here to discuss pop culture’s most recognizable cultivar. Join us as we explore everything you gain by growing cannabis from feminized Purple Haze seeds.

Purple Haze feminized seeds: Description

Purple Haze feminized seeds are the epitome of old-school cannabis. Popularized by Jimi Hendrix’s hit single, this Purple Thai x Haze cross keeps charming stoners from all walks of life.

These sativa-dominant flowers are mellow in effects and stunning in appearance. They contain up to 18% THC, minimal CBD, and terpenes a-plenty. A multi-layered experience is a guarantee, no matter your tolerance levels.

Crops grown from feminized Purple Haze seeds stretch to around four feet tall. They’re a sight to behold, with deep purple foliage and a rich dusting of shimmering white trichomes.

Individual buds are abundant after ten weeks of flowering. They display a maroon shade, combining the unique pigmentation with the fire of mature pistils.

Growers of all levels find joy in cultivating this gorgeous strain. It’s surprisingly manageable for a sativa, and its high bud production makes it worth your time and effort.

This cannabis brings a quintessential Haze aroma, accentuated by incense, spice, and berry notes. Once it enters your system, the smoke induces a dreamy, euphoric state. Don’t be surprised to find yourself losing your grip on reality as light hallucinations fog your vision.

You won’t be stoned out of your mind, though. Go-getters love the burst of physical energy that comes with marijuana grown from Purple Haze feminized seeds. This beauty is all about dosage—it can carry you through your days and nights with equal efficiency.

Let’s delve a bit deeper into the flavor and effect profiles of this magnificent marijuana strain.

Purple Haze feminized: Effects

Cannabis from Purple Haze feminized seeds is a gift that keeps giving. As long as you don’t smoke too close to bedtime, it promises to paint whichever part of your day in vivid shades of absolute enjoyment.

While 18% THC might not sound like much, it’s more than enough for you to feel the effect profile. Take it one puff at a time and revel in each layer of the captivating experience.

Toke number one is instantly followed by euphoria. You exhale the saccharine smoke, and the sweetness stays within, banishing bad thoughts and the last hints of stress. Several puffs in, and you’re already giggling like a little kid.

Stop at these initial effects if you have a task list before you. The mental uplift comes with physical energy, getting you ready to move and groove the day away. Creative, social, and mundane tasks become a breeze with Purple Haze feminized seed-grown marijuana.

Alternatively, you could keep smoking for a trippy ride of psychedelic action. Your perception sharpens, and each color, sound, and physical sensation amplify.

The buzz leaves you in a dreamy haze. You’re aware of your surroundings, but they don’t seem 100% realistic.

If you go down the hallucination route, it’s a good idea to start with half a blunt to get your mind right. That way, you can enjoy all the good things in life as you reach for the sky, unabated by the remnants of tension and anxiety.

The high lasts for several enjoyable hours, but cannabis from Purple Haze feminized seeds doesn’t leave you crashing.

Instead, it sets you back on a firm ground minute by minute. You sober up and regain lucidity slowly, feeling like yourself again with very little chance for a stone-over.

Purple Haze feminized: Flavors

Crops and buds from Purple Haze feminized seeds are a deeply aromatic affair. They deliver a full-bodied aromatic bouquet that transforms several times from maturation to curing to combustion and inhalation.

What joys are your senses of smell and taste in for, then?

Once your feminized Purple Haze seed-grown crops enter flowering, they emanate strong berry scents. The more they ripen, the more serious and earthy the fragrance gets. Close your eyes, and you’ll feel like you’re walking through a summer garden after rainfall.

Curing deepens this base aroma further, granting it a musky quality that speaks of old-school potency. You can still smell the berries, but they now combine with an exotic spice blend that tickles your nostrils.

Combustion adds two very different notes to the Purple Haze feminized seed-grown experience. On the one hand, you have a tropical fruit scent that entices your senses and promises sweetness. On the other, burning incense hangs around the room.

The inhale translates these complex fragrances into an equally enticing flavor profile. Tastes of sweet fruit coat your tongue, and peppery spices tickle the taste buds. A grape aftertaste lingers in your mouth for hours.

How to germinate Purple Haze feminized seeds?

Our review is more than a list of praises for this strain. We’re discussing Purple Haze feminized seeds to cater to at-home growers interested in bringing joy to their gardens. For that reason, let’s start by looking at step zero of cultivation—germination.

Sprouting your feminized Purple Haze seeds ensures that each of them develops into a gorgeous marijuana plant. This simple process triggers the hormones beneath the shell and all but eliminates duds from your pack.

Since germination revolves around two simple factors—moisture and heat—there are many ways to perform it. We’ll share two tried-and-tested methods right here to save time and effort.

The paper towel method

Growers left, right, and center swear by the paper towel method. It’s easy, doesn’t require extra equipment, and does magic on your Purple Haze feminized seeds.

You might need to wait up to five days for cannabis seeds to sprout, but downsides stop there.

Here’s how to germinate with paper towels:

  1. Place a moist paper towel (cotton works too) on a plate.
  2. Drop your seeds on the paper. Leave an inch of space between each.
  3. Cover with another damp piece of paper. Leave the plate somewhere dark and warm.
  4. Check your seeds daily. Each time, remove all that popped and re-moisten the rest.

Once you see taproots, sow your seeds in shallow soil and let seedlings develop.

Rockwool cubes

Using rockwool to germinate your feminized Purple Haze seeds is perfect for hydro growers. It requires some equipment purchases, but it leaves no room for error.

Here’s how to sprout with rockwool:

  1. Take as many cubes as there are seeds you want to germinate.
  2. Soak each cube in pH-neutral water.
  3. Place a marijuana seed on the cube and gently press.
  4. Leave the cubes on a covered tray to lock in moisture.

You should see the first true leaves in several days.

Purple Haze feminized seeds: Grow information

Now that your Purple Haze feminized seeds popped, it’s time to make some buds. Luckily, that task is anything but challenging with this strain.

These crops love warm and sunny conditions that let them stretch, ripen, and fatten to perfection. Still, they thrive in most climates, provided that the fall stays warm enough for their long flowering period. Indoors, they do well in rich soil as well as hydroponics.

As a bonus, Purple Haze seeds’ feminized variant produces only female marijuana. There’s no concern about the climate, disease, or pollination while cultivating at home.

If planting outdoors, some soil treatment before sowing your seeds goes a long way for future success. These beauties flourish with moderate nutrients, but they show surprising hunger from day one.

You won’t need too much space, as plants rarely stretch past four feet in height, even without vertical space restrictions. Check for signs of pests and consider planting companions to protect crops and disguise their strong scent.

Outdoor growers should harvest their Purple Haze feminized seed-grown buds in mid-October. It’s okay for the nights to get a bit cooler (that’s what brings out the gorgeous purple shade), but frost can harm the colas. You can expect over 24 ounces of bud per crop.

Indoor cultivators get to choose between soil and hydroponic setups. The former option encourages terpene and cannabinoid production, while the latter boosts already generous harvests.

Keep temperatures between 70 and 80°F and maintain moderate humidity. Employ strong grow lamps and prune your cannabis plants regularly to encourage bud site development. The Screen of Green (SCRoG) training technique is also useful for these short sativa crops.

Lower the night temperatures in late flowering to help the purple pigment shine through. Crops from Purple Haze feminized seeds take ten weeks to become harvest-ready. After that, up to 21 ounces await per square meter of your grow room.

Purple Haze feminized seeds: Genetics

Purple Haze feminized seeds’ name directly relates to their stellar parentage. This Purple Thai x Haze blend combines the first-rate qualities of two cannabis VIPs into something greater than a sum of its elements.

Let’s briefly discuss how the family tree defines the final product:

  • Purple Thai is a potent and uplifting sativa hybrid. Its traditional cannabis scents come with light floral notes, and its landrace parentage guarantees genetic stability.
  • Haze is a prolific sativa strain that originated in California and produced endless hybrids. It’s unmistakably energizing, with sweetness and spice to complement the effects.

Feminized Purple Haze seeds magnify these qualities.

The uplifting wave of happy energy remains, but it combines with a creativity-boosting potential to create an all-in-one sativa. The aromatic bouquet pays homage to both sides of its family tree. The genome is sound enough to yield quality without fail.

Where to buy Purple Haze feminized seeds?

Now that you know everything a batch of feminized Purple Haze seeds brings to the table, we’ll move on to the practical matter of shopping.

Note: If you’d like to learn more, feel free to visit the website here and keep exploring this strain. Once you feel informed enough, join us to discuss specifics.

Where to buy Purple Haze feminized seeds in the USA?

You have two main options—physical and online seed banks. The first option is excellent if there’s a well-stocked shop in your vicinity. Most dispensaries keep medical seeds, though. You might have to rely on the Internet for your purchases.

In that case, the task of finding Purple Haze feminized seeds isn’t a challenge in and of itself. The true test lies in choosing a reputable resource.

Order your Purple Haze feminized seeds from industry giants to keep yourself safe. Companies such as Homegrown Cannabis Co. spent years in the business, making them the best blend of convenience and quality.

Excuse me while I kiss the sky

Cannabis from Purple Haze feminized seeds is top-tier. You might come because of pop culture, but you stay for beauty, harvest size, bud quality, and a majestic high.

Visit a seed bank and get your hands on these cannabis seeds. Get ready to grow first-rate marijuana at home by using the helpful guides and tips we shared above.

Ten weeks later, enjoy heaps of the highest-quality colas money can buy. Compare notes with the experiences we described and appreciate true cannabis complexity with this 420 superstar.

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