Principles of planting, how to plant CBD

Outdoor because it is an open system need to buy a natural bulb growth by golden hour lower capital But be careful of pests Harvest can be done once a year. If you can do it twice a year at the maximum, the cost is low, but the risk is high.

Houses ( Indoor ) must use light bulbs. The bulb I use as a spotlight, which is only 70 percent insufficient light, is inside my house. I can’t grow Thai varieties at all. Because of the ceiling and insufficient light, my research favored a hybrid species. The advantage of this room is Can control the temperature with air conditioning.

Control humidity for CBD kaufen, control CO2, but can’t control red mites. This type of planting can be defined as 4-5 times a year because you can control the fire. But the disadvantage is expensive, high cost.

Outdoor greenhouse (Greenhouse) is planted like this. Combine the advantages of outdoors and greenhouses. There is a transparent plastic roof to prevent rain. Use the sun no need to buy bulbs, but the greenhouse effect’s heat must try to make the greenhouse open or put an exhaust fan. If the humidity is high, the flowers will be moldy. Be sure to watch the wind direction, do not make the house hot. Emphasis on transparency.

How to do cannabis cultivation

Of course, in the beginning CBD kaufen cultivation, it must be grown from seed. Most of the community enterprises Will get seeds that are made in the Thai traditional medicine project. Will get 120 seeds and continue to sow, which is very limited. 120 seeds have to divide another 60: 60

There may be a problem with the male. No more seeds. How are good seeds?

  1. Sowing seeds (Germination) 3-7 days; good seeds must be completely plump. Smooth, hard skin The color is quite dark brown, dry and ripe, with no cracks. Hemp and CBD kaufen seeds are not the same; hemp is more significant. If you have a lot of seeds, Sow them, and it will happen. But you have limited quantities. I need to use nail clippers to cut off a little bark. To speed up the roots and soak in water, The water is recommended without distilled water. I use Polaris water. The excellent water will have a PH value of 6.3 – 6.8. Next is the EC conductivity meter to measure fertilizers. This one is indispensable. After soaking the seeds for 2 hours in the water, they must be stored in a warm, dark place. Leave them for 12 hours. Sprinkle some water to saturate it, place it next to it, place the seeds in it, cover the top with a piece of paper, and cover it with water as well.

Kindergarten (Seedling) 1-2 weeks. You will begin to put the roots into the ground take the planting material. Most of them use peat moss or coco peat. I use coco peat mixed with peat moss and put a little perlite Moisturize after that. Use a pen or chopstick to poke a hole into it. Bury the rooted seeds and water them thoroughly. The water is the same. It must be weakly acidic water. 6.3-68 These materials are suitable because they don’t require a lot of food when they are small.

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You don’t need a lot of food. If you keep kindergarten with light bulbs, May need to have an application to measure the exposure of 150-300 PPFD 18 hours, but it will be dangerous if it is natural sunlight. Saran and moisture camouflage are also required. Must not be exposed to direct light Not to be hot My lab is economical. Pots for planting I use a coffee cup. Let’s drill the bottom, put the peat moss into it about 2-3 centimeters below the glass, and then take a picture of the baby and bury it. Why 2-3 centimeters because? When it grows up, it will belong. You will continue to fill the material down up to the cotyledon.

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