Outstanding Qualities of a Chloride Exide Solar Battery That Makes It Worth

The Chloride Exide battery is a deep-set charging battery used in the Off-Grid power systems from solar energy. The battery stores electrical energy in the form of chemical chloride ions. Also, the battery is easily recharged with a solar panel after all the stored energy diminishes over time.

This document focuses on the Chloride Exide Battery facts that make it an excellent merchandised product among the public users.

Here in Kenya, there are many uses of the Chloride Exide battery. Due to its demand from various residential estates, commercial businesses, and industrial applications. The need for such a battery makes it a worthy product in the communities.

The following are the fantastic qualities of the Chloride Exide Battery

Rechargeable Feature

Recharging in batteries is a beneficial property. All batteries that have the rechargeable feature are better working with at all times. When the Chloride Exide Solar Battery gets low in usable power, fixing a solar panel for a while makes it regain its working conditions very easy. The battery’s rechargeability is advantageous as it even saves the power bills and saves energy cost expenditure.

High Current Discharge

High current discharge is a handy gain from the battery. The battery gives maximum current, and therefore, one could use several devices without power blackouts. For the big industries, the battery is convenient power access for heavy machinery without failure. Thus, the battery is the best when facing such issues as power brownouts and blackouts.

Maintenance Free Property

The maintenance of the Chloride Exide Battery is minimal or otherwise costless. The battery only needs power from solar energy when recharging, and all is good. After a full recharge, it continues to serve at the owner’s pleasure, regular checking, and so is not its requirement at all. Likewise, only water filling, which is freely affordable and costs less, is the other likely maintenance that the battery may require.


When one has a primary power source as the grid electricity, they may put the Chloride Exide Battery as a backup power source. The battery is a reliable source when the energy on the primary grid is not available. Since the battery stores energy for long periods, it makes it a beneficial device in such situations when there is a power failure in the primary grid and hence a piece of reliable equipment.

Affordable Price Range

The price range for merchandised products is a requirement for easy affordability of the public. For the Chloride Exide Solar Battery Prices in Kenya, the coverage provided by the manufacturing companies is very affordable. Hence, many homesteads and industries have the battery for everyday use or a backup plan.


Durable products are worth having. The Chloride Exide Battery has the quality of durability from the high-density plastic that manufactures it. The battery may serve the buyer as long as he lives. Meanwhile, that characteristic makes Exide a very quality customer product.


The above features are handy information that concerns the Chloride Exide Solar Battery. Those features are helpful research for any individual who may want to know more about the battery if they will buy. Consequently, reading through this document will enable anyone to consider tasting the validity of the Exide Battery qualities.

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