Modern Kitchenware Appliances: What to Buy and Why

Whether you are an amateur cook or an expert, a modern kitchen is where you will love to work, cook and innovate. But what’s a modern kitchen without electric appliances that make cooking easy and help save time?

Today’s technological advancements have flooded the kitchenware section with machines and tools to the point that no one can have all of them. However, your kitchen cannot function without a set of kitchen appliances and, it is high time you buy them. So, if you have made your kitchen interiors with care and intricate patterns, modern designed tools are the best to buy, as they complement your kitchen’s style apart from being functional.

Cooking Appliances Every Kitchen Must Have

Be it small or large appliances, all of them work adequately to save your sweaty time in the kitchen, reduce your efforts and yet get your loved ones the food they crave. Imagine squeezing out some fresh oranges only to get the glass half full. So, here is a list of kitchen appliances and tools every home cook must buy to have hassle-free cooking super-quick:

1. Food Processor

If you have just started working in the kitchen yet want to cook safely, a food processor is the first appliance to buy. You might have all grades of chef’s essential knives but not know what to use when. For example, getting Maguro knives to cut carrots doesn’t make sense. Settling such confusion, food processors can cut and chop veggies, tuna and meat in just minutes. And luckily, food processor units are handy and do not occupy more space than your knife holders. Also, they come with multiple custom blades to cut according to the size and shape of your preference.

2. Blender

Blenders are summer requisites and help you get fresh juices in cups within seconds. Blenders can mix and blend crushed ice with juices or milkshakes. Also, for those on diets, blenders must be your first appliance choice, as they get your protein shakes and smoothies done in no time. Also, these blending units come in handy when you run out of sauces while making your favourite macaroni pasta!

3. Electric Grill

There isn’t a reason why anyone would like to have some grilled chicken. Unfortunately, charcoal barbeque units are bulky, let out fumes and might have your BBQ part interrupted by running out of fuel. And that’s why electric grills are a potent addition to your kitchenware, as they release no smoke but give an extra smoky flavour on all parts of the meat. They are also easy to clean, and they help you replace fried meat with some healthy, grilled ones. As a bonus, you can also enjoy the extra flavour of grilling as they induce high heat.

4. Mixers

If you are more into baking, a mixer is an inevitable essential that you cannot avoid. Kneading the dough to get your plates of pasta or pizza bases done is one arduous task that will only end up eating your time. Besides, it isn’t surprising to know that most kneading sessions turn into a disaster due to the dough water ratio collapse. In such cases, a stand mixer can knead the dough, whip cream and mix other baking ingredients in the right consistency, and you can get them done in the very first shot!

5. Coffee Grinder

Coffee isn’t new to Australia, as around 75% of Australians enjoy at least one cup of coffee per day. But if you’d like to make a sensible choice, it’s better to go with a coffee grinder over a coffee maker. Fresh coffee is a different flex, as a  coffee maker can only get the pre-ground coffee processed and give you a decent aroma. But to infuse new flavours, cinnamon and brown sugar are the best choices, and only a grinder can get the best out of them.

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