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There are many reasons that homeowners undertake renovations and extensions. It may be because the family has grown – or that the fixtures and aesthetics of the home could simply need an upgrade. It may also be because it’s a lifestyle issue – often homeowners and their families just need an upgrade so that they can all live their best life. Of course, renovations and extensions can drastically improve the value of the home – and provide more living space. it could be as simple as adding a new bedroom, redoing that kitchen, or even adding that second storey to the home – but whatever the reason the advice of experts is the way to ensure that your renovation delivers exceptional results.

Your first step to getting that home of your dreams is to do the research. You are going to need the advice of designers who have years of experience with residential renovation projects. They will need to buy into your vision – while providing you with the guidance that you need to ensure that your remodelling goes off without a hitch. There can be very little argument that renovating can be disruptive to family life – so you need a company with a reputation for getting the job done to the highest professional standards, meets your budget – and does the job quickly and efficiently. The advice that you receive is even more essential when you are renovating a period home. Preserving that special ambience can be a challenging job – so you will need experts who have years of experience in renovating those wonderful period homes that are so much a feature of the Melbourne suburbs.

The professionals at Period Extensions & Designs have a reputation when it comes to top-quality renovations to Bayside Extensions and Lincoln Homes. The company has received several accolades for the quality of its work – including recognition by the prestigious HIA Victorian Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards. The company has been a finalist in this competition on numerous occasions and has walked away with top honors as well.

However, the sheer quality of the work undertaken by Period Extensions & Designs is only one reason that they should be your first choice when it comes to renovations and extensions to period homes. The company handles all the required council paperwork – meaning that you are spared that sometimes challenging task. Period Extensions & Designs also offers a dedicated team of designers and architects who will ensure that your vision for your home comes alive. Then there is the fact that they remain true to the aesthetic of your heritage home – and ensure that they are in tune with your specific vision for your home. These are professionals who listen – and take your specific requirement into consideration. 

If you want that dream home then the senior management of Period Extensions & Designs is there to make it a reality. Book your free consultation today and take that next step toward a home that is a unique expression of your personal style.

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