Leaving Hospital After an Accident? Here is What to Expect!

Surviving a car accident can change various aspects of someone’s life. After receiving the treatment, going back home from the hospital does not end the hassle. Besides facing physical injuries, an accident can affect your future income, mental health, expenses, and more. Sometimes severe physical injuries can leave you with permanent disabilities and plenty of medical debt. 

You may have various questions and mixed feelings about what to do next. However, you do not have to suffer and burden yourself due to someone’s carelessness. The first step is to consult Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys. The attorney will guide you on all the options available and feel more confident about the next steps. 

Do you need to make an insurance claim?

It is vital to make an insurance claim to compensate for all your debts and other injuries. While you can file an insurance claim without an attorney, the insurance company may try to manipulate you and blame you for the accident. Your compensation amount may be less than the deserving amount without an attorney. However, when you have an attorney, they will talk to the insurance company on your behalf and ensure you do not fall into their trap. 

Who will pay your medical bills and take care of you at home?

Healthcare can be extremely costly and burden you with all the treatment costs. Additionally, if you need treatment even after you are discharged from the hospital, do not delay or refuse the treatment. The insurance company will also use this to downplay or deny your claim affecting your health. 

Furthermore, if you stay alone and need assistance with taking care of yourself, you can hire home healthcare service providers. The fees of the home healthcare services can also be compensated through your claim. 

What if I cannot go to work?

You need proper rest to recover fully. Severe injuries may prevent you from going to work, affecting your income. In addition, some injuries prevent victims from working for their entire life, leaving the victim confused about how they will continue their life without earning. You can discuss all the details with your lawyer, and he will guide you if you qualify for paid leaves at your work. If not, you can also file compensation for all the loss of income. 

What if I do not hire a lawyer and pursue my claim independently?

There is no compulsion to hire a lawyer, and you can pursue the claim alone. However, with everything going on after your accident, you need legal support. You may commit mistakes that can ruin your claim or receive no compensation without an attorney. 

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