Lack of Adequate Support for Knowledge Workers

In contrast to many developments in software architecture and technology, workflow management systems have massive effects on the daily work for their users. The method of data storage and whether the program was developed with a procedural programming language or an object oriented programming language are relevant only for system designers and developers; these implementation aspects do not matter for the users of these systems. Therefore, special care has to be taken in the rollout of workflow applications; early participation of users in the design of these systems is important to avoid user acceptance issues.

Workflow management system

Workflow management systems represent not only processes but also the organizational environment in which these processes are executed. This means that persons are represented by their skills, competences, and organizational positioning. This information is used to select persons to perform certain activities. The active selection of persons by the workflow management system has not been considered appropriate, since human workers felt that a machine burdened them with additional work. This feeling might also be due to crude interfaces of early workflow management systems.

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Process design

The role of knowledge workers is another area where traditional workflow management systems scored low. Workflow models prescribe the process flow, and a workflow management system makes sure that the workflow is performed just as it is described. This also means that there is little room for creativity for the knowledge worker. Any process instance that has not been envisioned by the process designer cannot be realized. This might lead to situations where certain parts of the overall business process are not handled by the workflow management system. Sometimes, even paper-based solutions were used by the knowledge workers, leading to inconsistent states in the overall process. You will learn more about sodapdf

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