Kirkland minoxidil: Hair Fall Problem Solution

If you suffer from hair loss, you’ve probably heard of Kirkland Minoxidil. This medicine to treat baldness is recognized worldwide as effective in preventing hair loss and alleviating its symptoms. Despite being more common among the male audience, Kirkland Minoxidil is also used by women who face female pattern baldness. If you want to know better, what is Minoxidil? , check out the information below!

Minoxidil for Hair

Kirkland Minoxidil is the generic name for an antihypertensive that dilates blood vessels. That’s because this product was created in the late ’70s, initially to treat high blood pressure problems. However, over time, it was observed that patients who used Minoxidil for hypertension had intense hair growth.

Thus, under Minoxidil’s trade name, this drug was the first in its segment to be officially registered and to have proven effects against baldness. Over the decades, Kirkland minoxidil started to be sold in several countries, by new brands, and even by manipulated formulas, as you can find here at

How Does Minoxidil Treatment Work?

As we mentioned, Minoxidil is considered a vasodilator. Although the exact mechanism is unclear, it is believed that it partially increases the hair follicles and hair growth phase. With that, you will consequently have more hair on your scalp. In addition to being used against hair loss, Minoxidil is also efficient in the growth of beard, eyebrows, and nails and can be found in different formats, according to its purpose. Here you will find options such as creams, gels, lotions, enamels, foam, and pens.

Kirkland Minoxidil works best for people with hereditary hair loss at the apex of the scalp, the area at the back of the head, just below the crown, or for women with general hair loss at the top of the scalp. Also, it is most effective in people under 40 who have started using it at the first signs of hair loss. Ultimately bald people will not see positive results.

Shedding Effect

One of how Kirkland India Minoxidil works is by stimulating the follicles to move more quickly from the resting phase to a new growth phase; that is, it anticipates the exchange of hairs that would fall a little further on. Thus, instead of the follicle taking 3 months to release the thread, it is released prematurely by the stimulation of Minoxidil. Then, about 2 to 6 weeks after starting Minoxidil, several follicles release their strands together, increasing the amount of hair they change per day.

This phenomenon is known as the shedding effect and is a very distressing phase for patients, as it gives the impression of worsening of their hair condition. It must be remembered that it is temporary and is an exchange and not hair loss. The duration can reach up to 3 months, counting from the beginning of the increase in the discussion of threads by Minoxidil. Treatment must be continuous. Once the medication is stopped, baldness returns to the state before the treatment in approximately two months.

Minoxidil in Shaving Gel

However, remember that this medication will not result in a permanent cure. It will bring significant improvement, but the hair will rarely grow back ultimately. There is also evidence that Minoxidil requires long-term continuity, as when its use is discontinued, the results may decline. Now that you know what Minoxidil is for look for a specialized professional to guide you on the best method and use for your case.

How long do the results show up?

According to scientific studies conducted with the substance, some patients began to see results after 1 to 2 months. During this period, the hairs grew again in more significant numbers and thicker, improving the capillary density. The important thing is not to give up, right? Oh, don’t abandon the midway treatment either just because you didn’t get the desired effect in a short time!

Choosing a pharmacy you trust also makes all the difference. After all, this is a medicine that will directly impact your health and beauty. Therefore, look for a company that is a reference in the market.

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