Is your car insurance dangerous for you?

Car owners do not always seem eye to eye when it comes to the best car, the best features, the best car dealers, and many other aspects that relate to cars. Nevertheless, there is one car-related aspect that triggers all of us: car insurance. The problem with – most – car insurances is that the suitable package for your car model is too expensive, or the most suitable package does not even include the most important expenses.

The fatal costs of having the wrong car insurance

Most people are not aware of the potential dangers that could come with choosing the wrong car insurance. In the Netherlands alone, there are, each year, more than 430.000 drivers and passengers that land in the hospital due to traffic incidents. This equals to a total of €17 billion in costs. Calculations show that this is more than €300.000 in costs per person, split over medical care and productivity losses associated with occupant injuries and deaths.

As no regular citizen has this amount of cash spare, it is important to bear the consequences of poor car insurance in mind. Even though, no one deliberately participates in a car traffic, chances to get involved in one are relatively high. In the Netherlands alone, 610 traffic accidents occur daily. This means that there is one car accident every 2 minutes. To assure that your insurance covers any unexpected costs, it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your car – and your own driving skills.

Understanding a car’s needs

Even for car fanatics, it is hard to estimate the costs associated to a car’s flaws and features. To make this process as easy and understandable for all,, provides you with an overview of suitable car insurances for your car. This database compares the 18 biggest car insurances Netherlands and provides an easy-to-follow overview.

All you must do is fill in your car’s details in the fill-in form that pops up. This form requires your license plate number, your home address and date of birth. Based on those data, the search engine will browse for the most suitable car insurance for your car. The algorithm looks at the statistics of your car, such as year of manufacturing, the rules, and regulations of your residential place, such as the road tax, and the potential liabilities of your age as a driver.

Importance of comparing car insurances

Using an algorithm-based search engine, such as, is convenient for all car owners. From experienced car fanatics to new teenage drivers. An algorithm-based search engine includes data that consumers don’t always have access to or are acquainted with. Their database is so comprehensive that it includes the most common to occur car accidents per age group. The database also tells, based on the car model, brand and manufacturing year, which consequences the car will suffer from per incident.

As (new) car owners, it is understandable that that one fails to see the potential flaws of a car, and the dangers associated with it. Therefore, is using an automated car insurance comparison tool, recommended for finding the best car insurance possible.

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