How to Choose the Right A/C For Your Home

Choosing the right air conditioning unit for your home can seem overwhelming. With different options available for you out there, deciding which one to choose and what steps to take before the installation can be a daunting task. But if you are armed with information and hire the best A/C installation service in Lancaster, CA, you are sure to find a unit that both functions for your needs and budget.

Here are the tips you can consider when planning for a new A/C installation:

Get a unit that has the right capacity for your room size.

First, find out the recommended capacity of the A/C for a room where you want to install it. This will ensure that your cooling system provides optimal comfort during the summer months. Never invest in something as large as an air conditioner without doing proper research on what’s best for your space.

Your technician can perform a load calculation to determine the cooling capacity of your room before doing the A/C installation service in Lancaster, CA.

Select an efficient A/C to save energy.

Although it sounds expensive up front, choosing an energy-efficient system can pay for itself over time. A great way to keep cool while saving money is to replace your current air conditioner with a high-quality and energy-efficient unit. You can find these requirements from one of the best names in home comfort.  The higher the efficiency level, the better you can save on cooling costs in the long run. Talk to your HVAC contractor about these matters.

Choose the best brand.

After considering both efficiency and power, if you’re still unsure of the brand for your cooling system, then it’s best to go with a reliable one.

Your HVAC company typically partners with the trusted manufacturers and recommends products for A/C installation service in Lancaster, CA. Go with that recommendation if your contractor seems to be trustworthy. They are educated enough about that brand, and whenever you experience issues, they are equipped with the knowledge to make the repair much faster and easier.

Choose the right A/C type.

When selecting the A/C type for your home, you can be presented typically with two options—split A/C and central cooling system. Split A/Cs are available in 1-ton, 2-ton, and 3-ton sizes, while central A/Cs only have 1-ton size.

So if you want to buy a split A/C and your room size is above 675 sq. ft. (60′ x 30′), then a split A/C won’t work and you will have to opt for a central cooling system. If it’s under 600 sq. ft., any split or portable A/C would be the best option.

Your HVAC company can discuss this with you before doing the A/C installation service in Lancaster, CA and help you decide which A/C type fits you best.

Consider the ductwork.

Do you need a duct system? You can only answer this question after finally deciding which A/C type to get. If you choose a ductless split system, then ductwork is no longer needed. The unit has an outdoor component and an indoor system connected by a pipe. But if you opt for a central A/C, then an air duct will be required for air distribution. Your contractor can discuss the pros and cons of these options with regard to ductwork installation.

Get Expert Assistance for Your A/C Installation Needs

Whether you need to replace your old A/C entirely or want to add another unit to your existing equipment, there are many factors you should consider first before doing the installation. Professional help can make the process easier for you.

Call All Heart Heating & Cooling if you need A/C installation service in Lancaster, CA. The company is an authorized York dealer and carries a complete line of cooling systems you can choose from. Call them at 661-310-3747.

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