Highlighting Some Quintessential Table Runners & Introducing Some Alternative Table Runners

In this digital era, an event will lose its significance if it cannot boast of enough Instagrammable moments. In the last few years, social media has been instrumental in changing and elevating overall event décor and design. Today aesthetics is far more crucial. Special attention is given to how the food is presented. Moreover, the focus is very much on the tablescape for taking the aesthetic ambiance of your event to the next level.

According to Forbes, ease of use is a vital concern while considering table design in today’s fast-paced digital era. Experts believe that fresh blossoms and a few candles can do the trick. Moreover, you may emphasize more on the company and mouth-watering food. Tablecloths and runners are best for adding a touch of class and elegance to your tablescape and uplifting the overall mood and spirit of the party. Remember that premium quality tablecloths and runners are essential not only to decorate your dining space at home, but they are also crucial for enhancing the overall customer experience in your restaurant. They are instrumental in boosting your bottom line. 

Runners have been in vogue since medieval times. They boost the aesthetic appeal of your dining space. Moreover, they even keep it safe from damage or accidental spills. They are often strategically placed over a tablecloth to create a focal point and attract guests’ attention. Table runner placement depends entirely on individual requirements and preferences. 

Let us explore some of the classical and evergreen table runners. However, if you are looking for something different to break the monotony we will discuss a few offbeat table runner options.

Always in Demand

Linen Table Runner

Linen fabric is incredibly easy to wash and handle. If you are in the habit of hosting parties and get-togethers frequently, it is a wise move to choose linen runners. They are easy to handle, wash, and maintain. They will maintain their colors and original sheen despite regular washes. You may machine wash them, dry them, and finally, iron them and store them away in a clean dry place while they are waiting for another fresh round of service. They help in safeguarding your table from getting damaged or stained because of accidental spills or scratches. Your premium linen tablecloths and runners help in creating a wonderful first impression of your home or restaurant. The way you set up the table at your restaurant speaks volumes about your professionalism and credibility. 

Burlap Material

Burlap materials are simple in appearance and reasonably priced. Burlap runners are your best choice if you are operating on budgetary constraints. Freshly washed burlap runners set the tone and mood for your family dinners and lunches.

Offbeat Runners for Decorating Your Tables

Crocheted Runners

On special occasions, handmade crocheted table runner designs steal the show. They speak volumes about your aesthetic choices.

Vintage Paper Styled Runners

For people who have a deep passion for reading, the paper-styled runner is a hot favorite option for doing up the dining table. You must have realized by now that newspaper-printed runners will look different but good on long dining space tables. However, they may be used as a chic accent in libraries too. 


You have access to an impressive collection of tablecloths and runners. You may choose the apt one as per your requirements. 

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