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High Quality Digital Learning Resources

At present, China has more than 10 million teachers, but the teachers’ shortage is still critical. Thus, the share of teachers becomes a necessary and vital issue in China. The way of long distance live-transmission turns teaching resources into high-quality digital resources to share for a larger scale. In China, the model of long distance live-transmission classroom has been widely recognized, which makes schools share qualified teachers to solve the teachers’ shortage.


In China, teachers’ level and education level has a large gap between different areas. In order to take high-quality resources to rural and remote areas, the school of case 1, as a high-quality school, through the use of long distance live-transmission classroom to share good teacher resources to substandard school, where mainly concentrated in Yunnan, Guizhou, Shanxi, Sichuan, etc.


Depending on specific teaching aims, live-transmission and synchronous classroom teaching usually have two different ways to implement about individual themes of collaboration and regular classroom collaboration. The main process is as follows: First, setting up essential facilities is needed. In order to achieve real-time interactivity, the designated classroom should be equipped with computer network broadcast systems, camera, microphone, speakers, and other facilities.

Second, making synchronous teaching plan is oriented by center school. The remote school would carry out synchronous classroom according to the teaching plan. During synchronous classroom, the course is taught by teachers of center school and other schools’ classroom connected to the center schools’ classroom via live system, which can achieve interactivity.

Concluding Remark

Finally, based on their actual situation, the remote school raises issues and communicates with central school to facilitate remote synchronization teaching to reach optimal effect.

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