Here’s how a divorce lawyer in Ottawa can help

There are three basic grounds for divorce in Ontario – Separation, cruelty, and adultery. If you have been living apart from your spouse for a year or more, this could be a ground for divorce. When your spouse has cheated, and you decide not to forgive them, you can ask for a divorce. Cruelty may refer to physical or mental cruelty. You don’t necessarily need to hire an attorney to file for divorce in Ottawa. However, your divorce is easily one of the most upsetting and major decisions of your life, and legal advice and representation will matter. If you are hiring a divorce lawyer Ottawa, here’s what you can expect. 

  1. Advice. Your divorce lawyer can advise on your rights and interests. In fact, you should seek legal advice before initiating the proceedings. In other circumstances, legal support could be more relevant. For instance, if your spouse has been threatening, or when you fear for the safety of your kids or own life, you need an attorney to suggest appropriate measures. Your lawyer can also offer insight on the division of assets, which should be done equitably as per the laws in Canada. 
  2. Negotiation. If you are not talking to your spouse anymore or don’t wish to negotiate things personally, your lawyer can help. Attorneys are extremely efficient at resolving marital issues through discussion and mediation. If your spouse has hired an attorney, it is evident that they want to protect their interests. Let an attorney take over instead of discussing the points of contention with your spouse. 
  3. Paperwork. Dealing with the division of assets and other paperwork related to the divorce can be overwhelming. Without an attorney, you could end up signing a document or agreement that you don’t understand. If you hire a lawyer2, they will draft the paperwork as needed or review your documents before you sign.

Finding the right divorce lawyer in Ontario

How should you choose a divorce lawyer with numerous law firms in Ontario? A professional and skilled lawyer is someone who is available, responsible, and accessible. While experienced attorneys can charge a tad more, they are usually more efficient at resolving issues. If you have your doubts, ask the attorney for references or check online for reviews. You need to be sure that the lawyer has handled similar divorces and family law matters in the past. Don’t forget to ask about the divorce costs in advance. 

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