Exciting Activities for Summer of 2022

Summer is arriving, and one must plan the best summer to avoid lazing around and wasting the beautiful scenes. This season, try something unique like Paragliding, road trips, exploring rare places, and more. Since there are many options, it becomes confusing to plan them all and fit into the season appropriately. Plan all the activities ahead of time to have the best and most enjoyable experience without worrying at the last minute.

Given below are some of the best activities that will keep one occupied and ensure fun throughout the season.

Wine Tasting or Fruit Picking

Who does not enjoy visiting exquisite wineries or farms with a rustic vibe? It is one of the best activities to enjoy with a partner or family. These delicate activities are not just fun but also highly educational. One can learn the history of the wine, the winery, the process, and thereby the culture of the place itself. The tasting process enhances one’s experience in picking wines and helps them always select the best for guests and themselves.

Similar to this activity is fruit picking. Since general fruits like strawberries and apples grow best in the winters, one must find it difficult to choose the fruit picking in the summer. Many farms grow strawberries in the summer to gain an audience. Select a farm that allows one to take the picked fruit home for the best experience.


Summer cannot pass through without some adventure sports. Paragliding is the perfect activity to try for some thrill and adventure. It is available in most parts of Australia if one is concerned about the location. One can even specialise or get trained in Paragliding to build skills over the holidays. Ensure to buy the right equipment to avoid any accidents or dangers.

Dress right since one’s regular clothes won’t do. This activity needs professional assistance for beginners, and one must follow all the rules to ensure a safe experience. It also involves several pieces of electrical equipment to keep track of one’s position while in the air. Invest in quality and ensure the price is not a barrier.


Get down and dirty with some pottery classes. Making one’s own pots gives one so much joy unparalleled by any other. Visit authentic places to learn unique pottery techniques. Many pottery classes in cities also teach modern pottery methods that one might find interesting. Most people like taking home what they create; ensure the class allows students to take it home.

Pottery is also superb as a one-time activity. Find affordable places that teach the basic artform and knowledge to help one understand if they want to learn further or not. Do not be scared to fail since it is a highly intricate activity that takes years to perfect. Painting the pots with loved ones is a superb team effort that builds relationships. One must try pottery at least once in their life.

Beach Hopping and Exploring

Remember the list of “places to travel to” that stayed in the notes app? It is time to bring it to life and explore them all this summer. Take a trip around or outside of Australia and change your mindset, mood, and experience. Miami is another great place to go beach hopping. When in Miami store your bags away in baggage storage Miami and enjoy the white sandy beaches of Miami. Beach hopping is perfect since one gets to sit in the cold breeze and watch the sunset on the horizon.

Explore hidden waterfalls or trekking spots that are breathtaking and natural. One can find calmness and beauty in such spaces without travelling too far from the city. Carry essentials like medicines, sunscreen, sunglasses, and appropriate clothes for the activities to have a wonderful time.

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