Every Kenyan Household is Going for Steel Doors – Here’s the Reason Why

Typically, one of the main concerns in many families is good security. One factor that can enhance the excellent security is the availability of solid doors to prevent the entry of uninvited guests who might cause trouble to the family. This article focuses on the steel door and explains why most households in Kenya prefer to use it over other types.

In most cases, steel doors are used as entry doors in most houses. They have a variety of advantages over other door types. These advantages make most Kenyans prefer them over others. Below is a detailed discussion of the advantages of steel doors.

1. They have superior durability over the rest 

Steel doors have higher strength when compared to other door types. This durability makes them become the most complex door types. They are neither easily broken nor bent. They are built to withstand strong forces applied to them, which if they were applied to other door types, they would break or bend.

This high durability enables steel doors to last long. For example, an accident might occur in the house leading to the door being knocked or banged. Whenever such a thing happens, the door remains resistant to the forces applied. It neither breaks nor bends.

Additionally, its high durability enables it to tolerate weather conditions like gusting wind and fiercest storms. This tolerance ensures the utmost security during such adverse weather conditions.

2. They have the lowest maintenance cost

Usually, anything needs maintenance to ensure its utmost efficiency and long-lasting. For doors, routine checking of their frames and locks is highly recommended. In case of any damage, one can replace the damaged part.

Unlike wood, steel doors do not rot. Therefore, no part of it will require replacement due to rotting. Painting it is the only maintenance cost it requires. The painting is done to prevent rusting and to offer additional beauty.

3. They are less expensive compared to others

One of the fundamental factors to consider before buying any good or service is its marked price. The same thing applies to the steel doors Kenya prices. Despite being the most efficient door type in Kenya, its buying price is quite affordable. For this reason, most people would instead go for it.

4. They provide energy efficiency

One of the primary objectives of any house is to provide a relaxing place whenever one decides to relax. The relaxation becomes much better when the conditions in the house are favorable to the one intending to relax. The conditions are better when there are optimum degrees of energy efficiency.

Steel doors ensure higher energy retention in the house. This high retention is so because of higher insulating power. It prevents cold air from getting into the house. It also prevents the escape of warm air from the house or cool air-conditioned air.

5. They provide maximum security

Due to its higher durability, it is difficult to be broken. This durability does reduce not only its maintenance cost but also ensures maximum security. It gives any un-invited guest with evil intentions difficulty trying to access the house. Therefore, the safety of everyone and everything in the house is ensured.

6. They allow for customization

Most Kenyan homes are constructed so that there is uniformity in all buildings and structures. Steel doors contribute to uniformity because they can be constructed and decorated so that they fit the general style of home. When painted, they fully match the rest of the home.

7. They block outside noise

Most people prefer little or no noise from the outside of the house. This noise irritates because it might diverge the concentration of someone or even prevent him from getting important information from the news while inside the house. It might be from children playing outside, traffic vehicles for houses close to roads, or loud music.

Steel doors block suck noise excellently. Earplugs are therefore not necessary. For this reason, steel doors enhance privacy in many families because members will not hear even the loudest neighbors.


Steel doors are the best door types to buy whenever you need one from the discussions above. That is why most Kenyans are going for it.

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