Essential Considerations When Buying a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is cleaning equipment used for not only removing dust, but also removing wet spills or leaks. This type of vacuum cleaner is best suited for cleaning floors and dusting curtains.

The article’s focus is on the essential factors you need to keep in mind while purchasing a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

With wet and dry vacuum cleaners everything is possible during cleaning. They are especially ideal in workshops and outside areas since they are known to clean all types of dirt including large scraps and stagnant water.

Before you purchase a vacuum cleaner you should keep the following in mind:

1. The market price

It’s expected that before one buys anything they ask for the price first. Before buying avacuum cleaner,you are expected to ask after the price of all types of vacuum cleaners. Knowing the buying price will help you ensure that you buy the vacuum cleaner that suits your needs and is within your budget.

The wet and dry vacuum cleaner Kenya prices vary depending on the seller, brand, and the quality of the machine.

2. Warrant coverage and duration

Before buying a vacuum cleaner you are urged to check its warranty. You should ensure you check the warrant’s lifetime and what it covers against. Make sure the warrants suit you best depending on how you intend to use your cleaner. A longer coverage shows the company’s trust in its products.

3. The vacuum cleaners suction pressure

The suction power of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner is measured in kilopascals. This is the difference between normal atmospheric pressure and the pressure inside the vacuum cleaner hose. If the seller discloses the vacuum power to you during buying look for the cleaner with a range of between 6 to 20 kilopascals. That will contain a high suction power.

4. Waste tank capacity

The size of the waste tanks comes down to the size of your home and the amount of dirt to be cleaned. If your vacuum cleaner is intended for a small home, a small waste tank will be best suited. Cleaners with large waste tanks and bins will be best suited for cleaning your workshops. Make sure that whichever cleaner you choose to buy best fulfills your requirements.

5. Filtration

You should check out the filters before buying a vacuum cleaner. When you are purchasing a cleaner, HEPA filters are recommended. During cleaning of dry surfaces ensure that the filter has been fixed well to prevent dirt and dust from blowing out of the top. When cleaning wet surfaces you are required to remove your filters to avoid damaging them.

6. Noise level

Before you go ahead and buy a wet and dry vacuum cleaner you should inquire about the amount of noise it produces. Noisy vacuum cleaners may not be suitable for homes with infants or people sensitive to noise. Make sure that your vac won’t cause any problems to those around you.


These are only the major factors to consider. Due to the different needs and requirements of wet and dry vac cleaner customers, covering all considerations might be impossible. It’s most vital for you to consider your own needs and requirement while making any purchases.

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