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An unfortunate & sudden car crash in Lehi can throw your life off the track. No matter the circumstances, you are expected to manage the aftermath and take appropriate steps. Firstly, call 911 to get help for the injured. Even when there is no blood or visible damage, do not undermine your injuries. Next, call the local police and report the accident. This is an important step, regardless of fault. It would help if you also considered informing your insurance company at the earliest. Once you feel okay, consider hiring a Lehi, UT car accident lawyer. When do you need an attorney for your accident case? We have a few pointers below for help. 

  1. When you are at fault. Were you somehow responsible for causing the car accident? If yes, you should undoubtedly call a lawyer. The other party may try to file a personal injury lawsuit against you (a possibility in Utah under some circumstances), and you will need an attorney to defend you. 
  2. When you have sustained serious injuries. If the other party was at fault, you could sue them for the crash. This is when you have sustained permanent injuries or have incurred $3,000 or more in medical bills. Let an attorney evaluate your case and determine the possibilities. Your lawyer will also investigate the accident and gather evidence for your lawsuit. 
  3. When you have no experience with insurance companies. Insurance companies are infamous for what they do to deny and delay claims. Do not deal with the claims adjuster on your own unless you have prior experience. A reliable car accident lawyer can do that better. They can see through insurance tactics and get you a fair settlement for the losses you have endured. 
  4. When there are multiple parties at fault. Most car accidents that involve multiple parties are complicated. It can be hard to determine fault and liability, and you can have difficulty proving your side. If there was a truck involved, multiple parties could be to blame. Your lawyer can offer a fair assessment of the case in such situations. 

Finally, you definitely need an attorney when you are unsure how to proceed with the car accident case. In Utah, personal injury law firms usually offer a free initial consultation, and unless the lawyer wins a settlement, you don’t have to pay a fee. Check online now to find more on top car accident lawyers in your locality in Lehi. 

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