Cup and Handle Patterns and How to Day Trade Them

Yes, there is a right way to trade cup and handle patterns. With dozens of choices on how the cup can form and the numbers of handles, it’s hard to know where to start. An experienced trader will choose their cup and handle pattern based on a simple formula on how their cup forms.

There are three types of cup and handle patterns – full, partial and common. The first two can be used to build a breakout trading strategy. The last one may not be suitable for short-term trading.

The Cup and Handle pattern has been a very popular pattern among traders over the years. There are several variations of the Cup and Handle pattern, but they all include three main aspects: a cup, a handle, and a break out. The cup portion of the pattern resembles an upside-down “U” (as seen in this example in the stock crude oil market). This means that once price breaks above the resistance levels it will continue to rise until it finds support again, forming the handle portion of this trading strategy. Then, at some point price will generally break through these levels which forms the breakout portion of this strategy.

When it comes to trading the markets, you have to recognize the benefits and shortcomings that each market will provide. The cup and handle forex takes advantage of the short term bullish trend that occurs in most stock markets. This pattern can be traced back over 50 years. At its most basic level, technicians will look for a cup formation and an upside break. However, with the popularity of this charting pattern increasing over the past decade, some professional traders have adjusted their patterns to fit their trading style. I’d prefer to call them “handles” rather than cups because there are a few variations of the cup and handle that aren’t really cups at all (the real cup is the main body).

When it comes to technical analysis, one of the most popular tools is the cup and handle pattern. When you see Candlestick charts, you will see that the pattern is actually quite easy to spot. At first it might look like a big complicated mess, but after spending some time with it – you too can become an expert.​

What is Cryptocurrency and How Should you Invest?

If you are a seasoned online entrepreneur, you have probably heard of cryptocurrencies. When it comes to innovative and ground-breaking online business models, cryptocurrency is definitely on top of the list. The popularity of this new way of making money has led to an ever-increasing interest in trading currencies. Before we proceed and answer one of the most frequently asked questions: “how to trade cryptocurrency I invite you to read this article, as I will share with you my 15 years’ experience in currency trading and cryptocurrency market analysis.

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