Cultivating Creative Ability

Cultivating Creative Ability Cultivating creative ability is the most urgent task of education in the social transformation. Social transformation is the transition process from traditional to modern in which social economic structure, people’s behavior and value system may change obviously. It can also make students become the creative talents in the twenty-first century and promote education reform and social transformation.

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Maker Education

The Maker Movement is a technological and creative revolution underway around the world. Maker Education is a new way of cultivating creative ability. Under the guidance of teachers, students find problems in daily life and do some designs, creations and hands-on operations. Students can solve the problems by completing works. In this way, it not only improves students’ learning interest, cultivates students’ abilities of finding and solving problems, and the most important is that it can cultivate students’ creativity.

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Motivate Educational Approach

Motivate Educational Approach such as Robot teaching activity is a kind of education activity which based on ICT and higher than the ability of ICT. It can come into contact with a panoramic view of ICT. Through the completion of works and the organization of competition, it improves students’ interest effectively and boosts students’ learning motivation.

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Competency-based Learning

Competency-based learning develops knowledge-connected teaching model by integrating multidisciplinary contents. It is helpful to cultivate students’ comprehensive abilities systematically. According to development rules of student, it analyzes the inner link of multidisciplinary knowledge system and provides learning activities which needed the application of advanced cognitive thinking for students in problem-solving mode to promote the development of students’ innovative ability.

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