Creating an E-commerce Website: Step-by-Step Approach

Do you want to launch an online business?

If yes, then this article is meant for you. Starting a new venture needs a proper strategy in order to keep it going without facing any hindrance. It also includes lots of time and effort to reap the benefits over time. Despite the effort, building an online store for your products/services could be the greatest decision you have ever made.

With an eCommerce platform, selling products online is more smooth rather than doing it through word of mouth or a brick-and-mortar store. On that note, entering into the eCommerce industry is the chance to acquire growing profits.

First and foremost, you need a great eCommerce website. Then, there are other tasks that need to be done. However, how do you break the ice? Continue reading to accumulate a glut of information. 

What is an eCommerce website?

Gone are the days when denizens spend their precious time by purchasing necessary items from a brick and mortar store. It’s not a bad experience if it’s available in store, but if it’s not they have to hope it will be available the next time they visit, usually with no way of knowing ahead of time. However, eCommerce websites have helped them a lot to stay updated about the availability of any product, whether ordered or in-store.  

Ecommerce websites refer to the business models which involve sales transactions. Most online shopping websites are following this structure. Any website in which you can purchase items for sale is considered an eCommerce website. 

E-commerce websites work like physical stores. From purchasing items to making the payment online- one website is enough. Based on the business niche, there is a swarm of websites that are live on the internet. On that note, the competition is also high. To stand out from the crowd, you need to build cohesive strategies with the assistance of your team. 

Why are people trending towards eCommerce websites over physical stores? 

In today’s fast paced environment, people rarely get any time to visit brick and mortar stores to purchase their daily necessities. An eCommerce website can serve as a handy option to buy products/services. Additionally, various offers and discounts are available throughout the year. 

According to Mckinsey & Company, 37% of respondents spent more time shopping online than in person in 2020. It also states that people of European countries immersed themselves in online shopping as the COVID cases surged at that time. 

However, here are the core reasons people are moving to online shopping-

  • Wide range of products available
  • Discounted prices 
  • Easy to place order and return products as per requirement
  • Faster service
  • Easy payment options
  • Product comparison options
  • Detailed information about the seller

So, you have enough reasons to build an eCommerce website. Let’s move onto the components needed to build a website. 

What do you need to build an eCommerce website?

Building an eCommerce website is different from creating standard websites. Apart from securing the domain name and hosting, you need to consider tools and the payment gateway. 

Take a quick look at the following-

  • Domain name registration
  • Web hosting provider (if your platform is self hosted) 
  • Integrated payment gateway
  • A tool or platform to build your store
  • Initial capital to create the products
  • Proper packaging to shipping products. 

Building an eCommerce store is cheaper than working on a storefront. However, it does require upfront capital and work. Ensure that you are working with a budget that aligns with your goals. 

Apart from the technical aspects, there are few more things that also play a pivotal role while making an eCommerce website for your business.

  • Your business niche
  • The initial amount you are going to spend
  • The products/services you are going to sell
  • Pricing your products to gain effective profit

Once you are done with your blueprint, you are all ready to set up your website. In the below section, we will see how to build the eCommerce website step by step. 

Building eCommerce website 

Making the eCommerce website needs to be compatible to sell your products digitally. Expect a bit more work upfront while getting your website ready. 

Here is the process-

Selecting the domain name and platform

Before deciding on the eCommerce platform to build your website, one of the essential things is choosing and registering a domain name for your website. A domain name is the face of the eCommerce website, that would reflect the brand’s name. Once you are done choosing the domain name, you need to host your eCommerce website. You can make use of platforms like Bigcommerce or Shopify, or self hosted solutions like WordPress/WooCommerce and Magento. These have compatible themes and add-ons. 

For instance, Bigcommerce’s intuitive Page Builder has a visual editor that lets you change your website’s look. Bigcommerce theme development plays a pivotal role in this context. 

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Building the eCommerce website on your chosen platform

You have chosen an eCommerce platform already. Now, build a website on it. Platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento have a user-friendly interface; which is easy to navigate and understand. These platforms have drag and drop functionality along with other customization features. Once you add the products to your site and customize the look, you need to structure it to make sure that it’s complete. Bear in mind that choosing the right theme and design is crucial. 

However, few things need to be added to the website-

  • An “About Us” section, that defines the vision and mission of your business
  • A “Contact us” for helping the customers to get in touch with you 
  • An interactive homepage that showcases featured details, including ongoing sales.
  • A blog page to publish new blogs related to your domain, followed by providing information about the upcoming products and services. 
  • Install a Google Analytics plugin for measuring the traffic. 

Securing your website

It’s time to secure your website. Doing the same will build the credibility of the website. Not only that, but it will also help to improve Google SERP. In turn, it will help to gain more organic traffic to your website. Installing an SSL certificate would be the best option to make your website secure. By encrypting and authenticating your sensitive information, an SSL certificate keeps the eavesdroppers at bay. 

Setting up the backup

You should take care of backing up your website. Maybe you are using a reliable hosting provider, but if your website does not function properly; you may lose data. Setting up the backup will help you from the moment your website will launch. 

Setting up payments

How would you receive the money that is coming to you? Simple answer- payment gateway. The next step you need to set up your payment options. You need to take care of the money coming to you and how you are transferring it to your bank account. A secured payment gateway can help you to set up a merchant account. 

Start selling

Once done with all the aforementioned steps, your website is now ready for launch. Immediately, you can start selling the products/services. However, to make the website visible to the users; you need to perform digital marketing strategies. This strategy should be robust and flexible to gain a maximum number of leads within a short span. 


Do you think that setting up your eCommerce business is a cakewalk? No, it isn’t. With proper guidance, it can be done by yourself, but it might be best to get professional help. To help you with eCommerce website development, we have a few recommendations for you. 


It’s a full-fledged web development and web design company to cater to the users’ needs. They have adequate eCommerce experts to empower your brand with the latest eCommerce solutions.


Codeclouds have a global clientele to serve with their services including creative design, web development, CMS, E-commerce, etc. Their BigCommerce development services include bigcommerce theme development, store setup, app development etc. 


It may be your ultimate stop for all your eCommerce development needs. From development to launch optimization, the experts are always ready to help you. Experts use Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento, and Volusion.

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