Common Questions that come to Women’s minds while buying a wig

Women’s wigs are not only a necessity, but are often also a favorite accessory for many women. Vanity, however, is the main factor that drives you to buy this product, but do you have enough information to be sure you’re making the right choice?

What is the difference between a wig and a prosthesis?

While a deep wave wig covers the entire scalp, a prosthesis only covers a specific area where there is capillary failure. It is extremely common to be used by men because of the famous “priest’s crown”, and for women, even for aesthetic reasons, the most suitable is the wig.

Can the wig be glued to the head?

Yes, one of the ways of fixation is through glue, but there are risks for health and for the fixation itself because of the sweat generated by the scalp. For these and other reasons, we are against the use of this product.

Can I buy any wig?

It depends on what purpose you give it. Wigs easily found in several high street stores, for example, are usually aimed at cosplayers or those who want to go to a costume party or something like that, because of the yarn used and the excessive shine it has. If your purpose is to disguise baldness or hair failure, or change the look without appearing artificial, the ideal is to look for a company specialized in wigs and opt for professional models.

Is the wig noticeable?

No, as long as it is fixed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once that’s done, there’s no need to worry or feel ashamed, as wearing a wig can also be considered daring and modern, a trend that many famous people have already joined, even without being apparent.

Can I put the wig on myself?

Yes. As shown in the tips above, it is extremely easy to put a wig on your head and leave it on for as long as it takes. For this, however, it is necessary to have adjustment straps, as fixation by glue, in addition to being harmful to health, is more difficult to be done.

How to know if the wig is natural?

If there are any doubts regarding the quality of the wig, and if it is in fact natural, it is possible to do some simple tests. The first can be done right after purchasing the product, during the first wash. Just wash normally, with neutral shampoo, and put to dry in the sun, without using conditioner. If the wig is synthetic, the strands will remain exactly as they were before and, if natural, they will have a slight curl, which is easier to notice on straight wigs.

The second is to remove a small wick from the accessory, so as not to get any flaws, place it in a saucer and set it on fire with the help of a match or something similar. If the strands are in fact natural, they will fall apart completely until they turn ash, while synthetics will only shrink and change color, like plastic. The third test, finally, is also done using this small burnt strand, just observe if there was any smell when the threads were burned: synthetic threads are completely odorless, while natural threads, because of their composition, release a specific odor together to fire.

Is it possible to moisturize a natural wig?

Yes. Although the strands of a wig do not have exactly the same characteristics as a strand that is on the head, it is possible to hydrate them normally, albeit with more care and effort. This includes using good quality products and professional brands, which can even provide instant results. They are relatively more expensive products, but they have great durability because a wig is not washed as often as normal hair, and they will also help to make the wig itself more durable.

Knowing how to make the best purchase, and having as few doubts as possible, it’s time to find out more details, such as fixing method, correct way to comb and much more.

The best way of fixation

As mentioned, glues and also adhesive tapes can be extremely harmful to health, even influencing the durability of a 613 wig. With that in mind, we teach you a step-by-step guide below on how to fix the wig with strap adjustments, the model we work with:

  • Hold the wig at the back of the head and shake it gently so that all the strands come free. Then put it all at once, as if you were diving into it.
  • Make sure the front line of the wig is positioned exactly on the front line of your scalp so that it feels natural. The back of the neck and sideburns should also be positioned correctly.
  • Taking care of this part, just adjust the straps so that the wig is snug but not too tight.

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