Checking Out the Local Cuisine in Calgary

Most people are going to know Calgary for a few remarkable things, such as it being the home of the energy sector throughout Canada and also that it’s ranked as one of the cleanest cities, not only in the country but throughout the world. While benefits such as those might have been what had residents looking at Calgary Homes For Sale in the first place, would anyone believe that neither of those are the things that keeps a smile on their faces? 

This might be a shock to those outside of Calgary, but the food scene is growing at a rate outsiders would be shocked to see. The city doesn’t have a storied history for culinary perfection but in the present day, the constant flow of new restaurants is where all the buzz is throughout the city. If you’ve found yourself curious about what a few of your favorites might be, here’s some of the must-try places to consider for your next night out. 


For those looking for lighter fare and a stellar atmosphere, Vendome is your spot. The place is equally known for its pastries as well as its extensive coffee menu. Nothing beats a plain black cup of coffee for some and others want a little more out of their caffeine fix. Whichever you are, you’ll love either from here. 

Important to note, they are more than just coffee. They’ll tell you that themselves. There’s a surprisingly wide menu which is sure to offer any guest something they’ll absolutely love no matter if that’s a light snack or a full meal.

Belmont Diner

Those who only see breakfast as something to get out of the way during their busy mornings are completely missing out on an amazing experience. Having some doubts that breakfast is ever going to be more than that? One plate at the Belmont Diner is all that’ll be needed to change your mind. Ask any locals where their favorite breakfast spot is and they’ll all be sure to send you here. 

It’s well earned its spot as a staple of Marda Loop thanks to its classic diner vibe and a menu to match. The building and its interior are as old as diner culture so as hard as it might be, do be sure to pick your head up from your plate and cup of joe to fully soak in the aesthetic they’ve worked so hard to keep.


If a dinner on the finer side of things is what you’re craving, don’t pass over Alloy. The interior of the restaurant matches the menu as both take influences from around the globe and mix them into an unforgettable experience for the guests. The menu isn’t the largest but it doesn’t need to be when every single item is a complete hit. 

There’s a wine list to match perfectly with whatever you’ve ordered so there’s really the opportunity to make a night at Alloy something to remember. Important to note, don’t feel like it’s dinner or nothing. They are open for lunch as well so don’t be shocked when you loved your meal so much that you are heading back here the next day during the afternoon to try what else you might have been curious about. 

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