Best Homemade Saute Recipes for a Healthy Living

A lazy afternoon calls for a simple sauteed dish that does not require much effort. Heavy cooking can be stressful and need lots more ingredients than one might have the patience to buy. Just bring a saute pan, some vegetables, a little oil and seasoning, and voila! The dish is ready. Since most people do not consider simple sauteed food delicious, here are some of the best recipes that will fill stomachs and are filled with nutrients to keep the body running.

Zucchini Delight:

Zucchini is one of the healthiest vegetables that reduce the risk of multiple diseases. It can taste a little bitter without much preparation, and most people use it in salads only. Zucchini can be flavoured to perfection by sauteeing it with similar vegetables and spices to serve as a side dish or the main course itself. Olives, lettuce, and zucchini are a combination unmatched by any other.

For a tangy taste, use tomatoes and onions, squeeze lemon on top, and it is a great dish to eat with tortilla chips or rice. For dairy lovers, toss in some cheese and saute it for a few minutes with spices like salt, pepper, chilli powder, and others for a superb dish.

The Leafy Greens:

Cook up a tasty meal with the right greens fresh from a garden. Basil is one of the healthiest foods that suit every individual. Spinach and basil can be sauteed with spices and sprinkled with chia seeds for some lovely garnishing. One can use this mix to eat it with rice or mashed potatoes to serve as a superb side dish that one cannot get enough of. Toss in some vegetables to add tang.

Mushrooms are people’s favourite and can be roasted to perfection with some olive oil and salt. People like to add garlic to make the taste more savoury and serve it with garlic bread or stuff it inside them for a lovely dish.

Corn bonanza:

Corn in itself can be a super healthy alternative for most foods. They are filling and super tasty and suit almost every appetite. Throw in some sweet corn on a saute pan with butter and salt and saute for a few minutes. Add artichokes, kale, and other preferred items that can uplift the dish. Beans and corn go very well together.

One can also make an evening snack with corn by mixing it with finely diced onion and green chilli. Throw in some radish that can make the dish super healthy and regulate the antioxidants. Shrimps and broccoli can be great accompaniments to corn. In a dish where the corn is the star of the show, make sure to reduce any meats and dice the vegetables properly.

Meats and sauces:

Every dish with a little gravy on the side can be a main course easily. Sauteeing the mushy vegetables for a while allows one to make a pasty mixture and can be made into pasta sauce or gravies. One can saute different meats like beef, scallops, shrimp, and other preferred alternatives mixed with such sauces later on. Sprinkle some oil on the saute pan and let the meat cook for a while before constantly mixing them to avoid dryness and burning.

Tomato puree and onion sauces are the best gravies sauteed then ground to create a smooth consistency. One can even use fruits like apples to make a simple gravy with thick consistency for a sweet dish. Many people like to add wine for a rich taste, but it might be tricky to deal with it. Ensure reading up on the composition of the wine before proceeding.

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