Avoid road rage with big rig trucks

Colorado’s main interstates converge onto Denver, making the state perfect for shipping and transportation hubs. However, more trucks also increase the likelihood of experiencing road rage incidents, such as brake checking, tailgating, sideswiping, and more. Road rage is responsible for dozens of fatalities throughout the year and should never be taken lightly.

In this post, a Colorado car accident attorney explains why road rage is dangerous and how to avoid road rage with big-rig trucks when traveling around the state.

Why Road Rage Is So Dangerous

Road rage is incredibly dangerous since it stresses a driver’s coping abilities. The presence of stressful driving conditions also increases the likelihood of road rage. Since driving is a stressful activity, road rage is a common emotion to encounter.

Road rage is also a contributing factor to 56 percent of all fatal accidents, according to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety survey results. Other factors, including the heavy rush-hour traffic that jams up all major interstates in the Denver metro area, may contribute to the number of road rage incidents that lead to accidents. Despite our state’s beautiful scenery, it is no match for the level of control exerted by truck driver road rage.

How to Avoid Road Rage with Big Rig Trucks

You do not have to put your life at risk when dealing with aggressive truck drivers. Here are five tips for avoiding road rage with big-rig trucks:

  • Tip 1. Do not escalate emotions by getting more aggressive.
  • Tip 2. Try not to make eye contact altogether.
  • Tip 3. Pull over and let the trucker pass if possible.
  • Tip 4. Contact the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) to file a complaint
  • Tip 5. Remind yourself that life is more valuable than a road rage accident

Need additional details on avoiding big rig road rage? Check out this article for more information.

Injury Victims May Need Legal Help

Truck driver rage is dangerous to everyone on the road and never okay to experience. The CSP allows you to report an aggressive truck driver through the aggressive driver program, according to this article. You dial *277 (*CSP) from your mobile phone to initiate a report.

If a truck driver with road rage injured you, you might want to speak with a Colorado car accident attorney for legal advice. Truck drivers and companies follow additional rules and regulations, making it challenging to determine the fairness of an insurance settlement. Hiring representation will protect your legal rights throughout the process while presenting your case strategically.

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