All You Need to Know About Chain Blocks

Lifting heavy equipment at the worksite could pose a significant challenge, especially if the workload is enormous. Luckily, chain blocks have come in handy to simplify lifting objects of varying weight at almost all sorts of places. This article will tell you all you need to know about these versatile tools.

You have come across these tools at work, though you may not have noticed them. They have, over time, become must-have tools for many workplaces and continue to do so. They are among the present-day most efficient and productive tools. In this article, I’ll talk specifically about manual chain blocks.

What is a Chain Block?

Simply put, a chain block is a tool used for lifting and lowering machinery over a short distance. Manual chain blocks are the most convenient yet straightforward way of lifting and dropping loads. They are even better when used to perform minor tasks at the job site with few people.

Chain blocks come in various capacities hence are suitable for a wide array of operations. Manual chain blocks aren’t so complex and are thus easy to operate and safe.

Features of a Chain Block

The standard chain block usually comprises a lifting chain, a grabbing hook, and a hand chain. Manual chain blocks are mainly operated by a single person, making them effective.

How Does a Chain Block Work?

A chain block usually has two wheels around which a chain is wound. Upon pulling the chain, it spins around the wheels, thus lifting whatever item fastened to the rope being pulled by the user via a hook. Chain blocks also tend to be attached to specific lifting slings.

Uses of a Chain Block

You can find this versatile equipment in almost all workspaces to perform all sorts of work. All you have to do is choose the correct size and one that suits you. You may have to revise the chain block price in Kenya to determine which one fits your budget.

Chain blocks can be used in the following workplaces:

  • When installing industrial machinery.
  • When hoisting cargo.
  • It can be used in factories, warehouses, and plants to lift loads.
  • They are used in construction sites to lift loads.
  • When loading vehicles and other items in assembly lines.
  • It can also be used in agricultural production as well as the mine.

Qualities of a Good Chain Block

Always ensure you get a quality tool that can work efficiently from a trusted supplier or manufacturer.

The following are what to expect of a good chain block:

  • It should be lightweight, compact as well as easy to transport.
  • It should be reliable, safe to operate, and easy to maintain.
  • It should be durable.
  • It should be highly mechanical-efficient.


As we have seen, chain blocks are a sure cost-effective solution for lifting heavy loads. They allow you to complete the work in less time. All you have to do is choose the precise tool that will work well for you. They’re readily available. Thus you’ll have no trouble getting your most preferred one.

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